19 September 2015

DIY Rabbit Toy: Advanced Cardboard Ball | Bunny Basics

I hope you enjoy this video on making a DIY rabbit cardboard toy ball. It was a trial run for making this ball but it turned out well, at least our product tester seems ...

g'day guys welcome to bunny basics today

I'm going to be showing you how to make an advanced cardboard ball for your rabbit this is not the ball we're making this ball is the advanced ball from the house rabbit website link in the comments below the ball were making is my own modified version of this one I originally made their version which you can see and I really like it but I wanted to see if I could make it roll more evenly so I came up with the version that we're about to make in this video the tools you will need our pencil ruler and cardboard if you don't have a drawing compass you'll also need three circular household objects of different sizes I used a coffee jar a honey pot and a soup can each object circle should be roughly one to two centimeters smaller than the previous circle so that it tapers nicely into a ball first you'll need to draw the outline of each object onto cardboard four times once you've drawn them all cut them out so you have 12 circles four of each size small medium and large to work out where to cut the slots on the circles measure the diameter of the median sized circle and place that

measurement against the larger circle in this case the medium circle is three and three-quarter inches so you want to cut a slot on the large circle where it is also three and three-quarter inches wide mark slots at both ends at this measurement draw two evenly spaced slots in the middle for the other large circles and then measure the width of the smaller circle a mark slots on the large circle using that measurement as well then cut out all the slots along each of those six lines to the halfway point once you've cut out all the slops use the circle as a template to mark out the other three large circles so that you can cut them all the same once you have slots cut in all large circles slide them together use the middle two slots attach all but one so that can be used to mark out the slots on the medium-sized circles you can attach the large circle to the ball once you have marked out a medium-sized one here you can see that the medium circle is only just wide enough to accommodate the last slots ideally you want a tiny bit bigger to fit them better cut the slots on the first medium circle and once again use

it as a template for the rest once you have them all cut slide three of them into position on the open slots nearest at the center of the ball use the last circle again as a template for the small circles which will only fit four slots on them once again cut the first and use it to mark the rest for cutting once all for a cut attach them to the remaining four slots on the ball you can get a bit fiddly trying to slot four things together at once but you'll eventually get there you may need to widen some of the slots just to make it easier once they are all attached you can see how the ball roll is quite easily especially compared to when using six circles of the same size in the basic ball thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and I enjoyed making the toy I'd love to see videos of your bunnies playing with this toy so if you make it link me to your video in the comments below now for the testing process over to bandit see you later you