17 August 2016


DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BACK TO SCHOOL! 5 Easy Fun Weird Back to School Supplies! DIY Back to school supplies 2018! Hey everyone! For today's video I ...

hey everyone its Jillian and today's

video is so much fun because we are going to be making some DIY school supplies in our typical part about making your own school supplies that you can make them totally unique to you so today I went with this really bright and colorful theme which I love and it also means that no one is going to have the exact same stationeries you so you'll be super awesome with your total unique stage string and everyone's gonna be so totally jealous and this is my first video that you're seeing that hello my name is Julie and I am so so happy that you're out there on my channel and if you'd like to see more videos from me in the future then all you have to do is click that subscribe button look you wanted to say hello Oh so I think it's time that we jump into a five-tier white school supplies alrighty so the first thing we're gonna be making today are some button paper clips and these are so cute and so easy to make and the first thing you're going to need are some paper clips and then you'll also need some buttons to just pick out some of your favorite buttons and I went with some bright buttons to match up with my paper clips and then

all you have to do is glue at your buttons onto the paper clips and I use hot glue just so that it would hold really well and don't love how quick and easy these are to make so you can make so many and they're just the cutest paper clips ever and if you need to mark a page or something they also work really well as a bookmark and are so adorable I love you so much now my absolute favorite which is the watermelon pencil case and I love how it turned out is so cute the first thing you are going to need is a cardboard cylinder pencil case and I found this at an office supply store and then we're going to be using paints to make the watermelon design and starting with a white paint we're gonna paint the bottom of the pencil pants all white and then let that dry and then go in with pink or red paint and then you're going to want to leave a strip of the white paint visible so just go ahead and paint a line around the top with the pink paint now it's being so so careful and then paint the rest of it pink and let this dry and then once it's dry it's time to paint on these seeds and don't worry boy you'll see it start look perfect mine

certainly did it and I think the more imperfect the better they're really quickly seized now for the top we will just be using some a light green paint and take this around the bottom of the top is any sense I hope so hopefully watching me do it is making sense and then take a darker green paint and again we're going to leave a strip of that lighter color and then just paint the rest of it green and let this dry and then once it's dry you have these super cute and unique watermelon pencil case and I love how bright this is and how fun and I just is perfect oh so cute now for these super colorful and bright rainbow notebooks the first thing you're going to need is a a plain notebook and then you'll need some thin strips of paper and I found quilling paper at the craft store and I thought it would work perfectly then just go ahead and pick out your colors and to attach the paper to the front of the notebook I used a double-sided tape so I just put a strip of the tape along the front of the notebook and then stuck the paper down and then on the edges I just tucked the paper underneath the other side of

the front cover and stuff that down till it was all neat and then I just went through with my other colors this is such an easy way to jazz up your plain notebooks and I love how quick it is to do and I just think it's so effective with all the different colors and I just I love these so much now so you had never caught without a hair elastic again and we're going to be making a hair elastic or lollipop and this is such a cute way to keep all your elastics together the first thing you're going to need are some hair elastics and then you'll need a disk of some sort and the one I was using was made out of foam but you could also use a few pieces of cardboard stuck together that would work as well and then all you need to do is just take your elastics and start placing them onto the disk and I went with a really random rainbow II theme and then once it's all finished you will just need a cake pop stick or a lollipop stick and then just attach this to the disk and then you'll have all your hair elastics on this adorable little lollipop and I just think it's such a cute way to keep them all together so then I'll just flying around in the

bottom of a bag forgotten forever so now for this really fun journal or notebook the first thing you're going to need is a plain notebook and I went with this brown one and then you'll need some elastic and all you need to do is measure this around the front of the book and then flip it over and then just cut off your excess elastic and then glue down both ends on the back of the book with some glue now what the silastic is going to do it is just gonna keep your notebook together so if you have any loose papers or notes inside that you're worried you're gonna fall out the elastic is just gonna keep it all together and if you want to make this book a little bit more personal I just went ahead and took some colorful beads and stuck these on the front and I wrote my name but if this was for a subject you could write English or math or drama it's just so much fun so I hope you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up if you did and if you haven't already don't forget to click that subscribe button thank you all so much for watching and I will see you guys next time bye