14 August 2016

Do It Yourself DIY Make Your Own Num Noms Series 2 Lip Gloss , Ice Cream Truck

Shopkins Shoppies dolls Rainbow Kate and Pam Kate want to order some ice cream from the Num Noms truck! Oh wait its a Lip Gloss Truck where you can DIY ...

cookie swirl an ice cream truck

ooh definitely go for an ice cream mmm what should I get wait a minute look at it it's a lip gloss that's right chocolate chip cookies adorable little num noms truck nuts may look like a delicious ice cream truck but it's really a lip gloss truck oh yes I see you can actually mix up your very own a lip gloss flavors you can totally mix it and make it any way you want even comes with two different flavors to flavor the gloss and look at that it will swirl right out of the top of the truck just like real ice cream is that not the sweetest thing ever no way okay that's like pretty sweet but wait a minute and it comes with a special edition cherry scoop boom num noms okay I'm so sorry but this is like the cutest thing ever so let's start stacking up the sweetness and totally make a num noms lip gloss look at this absolutely adorable truck okay this is just so so so cute all right seriously num noms is just totally pulling out all of these super fun surprises with the most wonderful wonderful collection for series two so I love love love this ice cream truck the wheels really move and if you see

actually on the wheels it has a little num noms on there and it actually says on the wheels we num nom ice cream ice cream truck is just so detailed with this cute little features not only can you step right up and order a cool cool num noms the lip gloss ice cream you can fold down this piece right here which looks like a waffle cone interior do you see that it totally looks like it was made out of waffle cone it even says YUM in the very back of the truck whoo and the very back to the license plate says California I heart gnomes can open this door is a splat of ice cream right here and you can go into either side of the trucks here and of course this is where you can display all of your num nom lip gloss ice cream let's check out the week's special edition num nom cherry scoop this one you can only get in this little ice cream truck set looks like a big scoop of cherry ice cream with cute little waffle cone ears and lots of strawberry drizzle woo and give it a smell oh so so sweet cherry yum and of course they can really ride in the truck because they've got like these little tiny Scoobies that you can put them

right on just like that alright it's time to make some lip gloss mmm you've got the flavors glitter in a big big tub of lip gloss so cute we can put our little flavors right in here like cherry and vanilla our little glitter sprinkles right here and a big bowl of lip gloss right there in the back now these little ice cream cone lip glosses are completely empty so we need to fill them up same thing with this little num num sundae a cherry ice cream please oh I'm totally in the mood for cherries they had cherry covered pancakes this morning alright let's get mixing inna makin so to mix everything up we actually have to go to the top of the truck and it has all the tools up here like look at this this big thing of ice cream is actually a cupcake it actually has our little spatula and a little mixing container so let's take our bowl of lipgloss open it up we're gonna divide this up into 8 equal little slices for the perfect lip gloss measurement so one down the middle one this way mmm slice up that glass now this way we're kind of like cutting it up into like little lip gloss cake slices and this way there we go now I'm gonna take one

of these slices out come on out hmm there we go place into the little cupcake mixing cup close this back up all right she wants the cherry so we'll open up the cherry little flavoring and look at how cute this container is it's so cute it even has a little num noms on top all right open up the cherry flavoring I'm gonna add 10 drops in Oh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 mm well the smells so good they got SuperDuper cherry in here now we're gonna mix it all together to make sure that cherry flavor really gets into the gloss mix mix mix mix there we go it's all mixed together now we're gonna add in just a - oh it looks like it would be sprinkles but it's a beautiful beautiful glitter Oh mix that glitter on in mmm oh it's so sparkly now now I'll take the little cherry comb numb not open it up there's where we're gonna put the lip gloss now on top of the truck we've got this cute little bunny nom nom right here that we open up now we're gonna put the lip gloss inside did you scoop all this Clausen go on in there go on it's so sticky to it maybe I'll just put it on this little plunger here there we go now I'm gonna put the

plunger back on in there we go and push on down alright hold my ice-cream here we go coming out I have to scoop it out of here this is the little piece I forgot to take off from this when you buy it Neph alright let me open it back up scoop is right back on here all my lip gloss is on here yeah okay I just scooped up as much as I could from the little plastic thingy alright let's put it right on back in here like that there we go plunge it in alright get my ice cream ready and now here we go oh now it's coming out come on out lip gloss oh no no it's not enough come on come on Oh is he gonna come out oh there we go alright so there's a little bit of lip gloss right on the inside oh it's so cute it's so cute but I wonder if I should do two little wedges next time to really fill up the container now I can put my little cherry num noms right on top like that and now we have a cherry lip gloss that is totally custom made and any time you want some lip gloss on open it up and well totally glossy totally awesome thank you I want to order in lipgloss ice cream can I have the vanilla please

oh wait a minute and you have sundaes - can I have a strawberry vanilla mix sundae with no glitter please mmm so it looks like rainbow cake wants to order two ice creams I love ice cream all right you got it so we'll take our little vanilla cone here open it up here and get it ready for our ice cream we have our big ol bowl of gloss open it up and take out that wedge mmm there we go right down on in here close it on up keep it nice and fresh all right vanilla flavor mmm YUM open up the vanilla flavoring whoo ten drops one two three four five six seven eight nine ten just a touch of glitter on this one it mixes lip gloss creation together oh it smells really really sweet too Oh with that vanilla flavoring okay no yep let's take it to the top of the truck and scoop it on in come on in here a little bit on the tip here there we go really get all that gloss on there all right put it on in get my cone and here we go lipglass time hmm oh there we go now it's enough to fill up the lipgloss ice cream cone

there we go whoo when it looks so delicious all right let's try this one oh so smooth this is like the smoothest lip gloss ever put it right on in here yummy all right now there's one more to make the little sundae deep deep you open it up take a slice out go so she wanted a mix of flavors do five drops of cherry one two three but one two three four now mix them together and she did not want glitter in this one now it's like a vanilla cherry oh that is really good oh it's awesome to mix those flavors together to get your own unique gloss we here we go should be whipped up pretty good now this little container can stand on its own so we'll just hold it right there open this up whoa add it on in use it all up and now the glass is in plunge it on in there and here it comes oh just like ice cream oh that looks so so yummy let's get it right here come on there we go look at that lip gloss soft served and look delicious put the num noms right on top Oh perfect perfect and that lip gloss is right inside staying nice and fresh for any

time mmm oh I think that's my favorite mix vanilla cherry and of course on the other side of the truck whoo everything can be displayed cuz it looks so delicious oh just like that or a seriously cookie that this truck is just the cutest ever think you can make your own lip gloss and I love the little special edition of course you can stack up on any one of these and check that out oh look at that adorable all right don't forget to make everything in your life lippy glossy happy and ice cream truck e on over to my next video cookies and the fun will keep on rollin and rollin and goin this is so good how many drops went into the ice cream cone again oh I know