28 April 2017

Dog Dental Health: How to Waterpik

Using the Waterpik on your dog's teeth: Caring for diseased and inflamed gums and loose teeth, to prevent tooth loss in your dog. I'm going to be using the ...

I'm going to be using the water cube

machine on Gracie here she's our 11 year old Havanese and we got her when she was about six years old and as she got older we started noticing that her teeth and gums were getting a little looser and sometimes we'd get red and inflamed and so we decided to try our best to take care of her teeth and prevent tooth loss she's only about 10 pounds pretty small dog and so as you can see her front little teeth are pretty tiny and with tiny piece just a little bit of gum recession can get them pretty loose and so they've actually been like this for a pretty long time as you can see how loose some of these teeth are here but they usually would have probably fallen out a lot quicker if we hadn't been keeping it clean and so we're trying to give it a chance to firm up as you can see the teeth here on the side they have the little hole in it or the gum has receded and so it's a little bit loose here as you can see however it was looser and it actually has slightly firmed up since we've been diligent about her dental care at home she did lose one little tooth up here a few years ago there used to be a too severe and that's when we really got

serious about combating dental disease because we wanted her to keep all her teeth and so the gum in this area was pretty severely receded and pretty bad when the tooth came out but over time it's actually completely healed which means that gum tissue can regrow even if it's very slow it's given a clean and healthy environment and so on before I start I'm just going to rinse out her mouth with just some water in this bottle and this is just so that I can kind of clean out her mouth from any gooey saliva so that when I do use the water pick that it can reach the stud the gums and teeth better so this is pretty easy the tip is very soft and you just kind of rinse it over there so offers all of the outside she's really good at not swallowing it and you can use catcher I get behind the front teeth too so now we're going to be I'm actually going to do this twice like water picker teeth twice the first time we're going to use a pareo gin solution and the second time I love using clean water with some of the green it's a tooth in gum oil just a few drops in here and I'm going to do it twice because the second time it will create

some foaming action which makes it a little harder to see clearly so and I talked about these in my previous water tech video if you want more information on it so here I have the machine on a low setting it's about a two and I'm going to be using the 90 degree pocket tick tip and so when we turn it on it starts coming out pretty evenly add pressure and then I'm just going to move along the gum line kind of pausing between teeth to give it a chance to rinse out any debris this gives a solution to reach into the dhaanye dham pocket every one side first and a video other side here [Applause] and then get the front here so the third is pretty helpful from keeping her from getting all what then I can can I get behind the teeth just work I could rinse a little bit behind the teeth this 90 degree tip allows me to kind of get behind these side teeth as well [Applause] let's see your best [Applause] okay so now I'm going to pour this water

with a little bit of cumin - Zoila in here I'm going to do it again this solution she doesn't like as much because of the ingredients it's a little stronger around her nose I think in Scioscia she might react a little bit but like this and if it's splashing in your face a lot you can also try wearing some goggles [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well done good for all what your face looks like okay girl Grayson so when you use the gum in tooth all because of the oils in it it's important to also risk it out with some waters between water afterwards just because the oil in this solution can kind of erode or damage the seals and gaskets in the machine so just those water in here I let it right and while I'm doing that I'll also it's a soap and it's clean off the sink disinfect it with a sponge or something so so that any possible bacteria from their mouth so can get sprinkled all over your kitchen sinks when you go to do the prep later

and they've been previous video I also have some more information on the tooth and gum ingredients oil ingredients that you can easily make yourself and I just a quick testimonial about that a few months ago we noticed that Gracie's channel is really swollen on the bottom noticeably and we thought she had just bumped into something but then we noticed that inside on the lower lip here the gum was also very swollen red hot and inflamed and she wasn't allowing us to brush it or clean it or even use the water pick on that spot even on it had to be at a very very low setting but it was just even the pressure of it was bothering her because it was so inflamed and tender and so that's where this bottle comes in handy that I was using earlier to rinse your mouth you can actually fill it with some water and put the the tooth and gum oil in it and then just kind of like you know just rinse it over the the spot and it's a very very low pressure very gentle and so it's actually kind of funny this is a enema bottle I was searching for something that I could use to rinse their mouths out easily and I wanted to find one with a very soft and flexible tip and so I

came across these you can get a 4-pack from Walmart for like four dollars and you just pull out the saline solution that it comes with and then it's now there are lower rinse your bottle and back to Gracie story so after we were praying for her and gently applying the the solution over that area for a few days the inflammation redness and swelling went down completely so we're all very happy about that and so that's really why I'm making this video to say that there's a way to care for your dog's teeth even when they're already in pretty bad shape and if you can get their mouths clean and keep it clean enough to allow for the gums and peace to heal naturally there's hope that dental disease can be slowed stopped and even reversed so thank you for watching