20 August 2018

Dog Friendly Hotels

We discuss the best hotels when traveling with a dog.

so we've started our trip we've got some

really fun videos coming this couple of days a bunch of 360 videos aerial videos all across the East Coast and our first stop is going to be Atlanta which is where we are headed to now so I thought I'd give some tips some people have asked me about traveling with a dog and and what dog friendly hotels do you like so I thought I'd talk a little bit about that there's three or four change that I really like it in general you got lucky to end Red Roof Inn now Red Roof Inn I know it's somewhat of a budget in but in the last couple years that they've gotten real good and especially their Red Roof plusses are very good and there and use it there's no fee at all like he to end usually will have maybe a $10 fee so that's a modest fees pretty good days in is another one that's good usually you get about a a $10 fee so you got your Red Roof Inn missing one Red Roof Inn quality and you never know they're not always dog friendly among all their hotels but now the way that I search for hotel see if it is dog friendly I'll just do a google search like we'll say America's Best Value in Atlanta bring Fido you know I'll do a search and then that will pull up if that if that hotel

is on bring fodder or not bring Fido is great because they'll tell you exactly what the dock policy is how much the dock policy charges now a booking to bring Fido is great too but but sometimes a fine I can save more money I do book through bring Fido but sometimes I'll find it through bring photo and then look it through other sites gonna give me a little bit more of a discount but if you do that you want make sure you have a hotel chain that doesn't just have certain pet friendly rooms and that's why I Red Roof Inn La Quinta Inn are and super 8 super 8 is the other one three of those they're pretty much all standard that they allow dogs usually in all the rooms so you don't really even have to check to see if it's dog friendly room but like I'm staying at them probably trying to say that America's Best Value Inn tonight and only some of the rooms are talk friendly so when you get those type of hotels you either want call for first or book it on bring Fido calm because then that will then that will tell you if at the room that you're booking is a dog friendly room so just a few tips but yeah I

highly recommend Red Roof Inn lucky to in a super super eights are real God now I know you they used to be kind of on the level of a motel 6 hotel sex isn't all that bad just I've never stay there because I use it good Wi-Fi good internet connection and that's use a drawback with the motel 6 plus sometimes your Motel 6 bar is the greatest neighborhood but really with any hotel chain you really want to do a little research pull up Google Maps and really kind check out our Google or check out what kind of neighborhoods they're in but super rates I really like I love them you can pull right up to the room you know the old fashioned hotel where you you can pull up right through it makes it real convenient I usually carry a bunch of stuff you can't see it but I got a bunch of stuff with me all the edit in equip and everything so I usually have a lot to bring in so I love to be able to pull them right up to the room and usually the way that separates are laid out a lot of times it's very convenient I always prefer those type of changes whether it's like eat the Red Roof or super ate better than your rural high

upper class hotels like Sheraton now we're gonna be doing videos in Chicago and there I am staying at the Sheraton Grand just because parking spots in downtown Chicago are hard to come by so I really needed a place in downtown but normally I don't like the real fancy places that they're usually not as convenient using that the valet your your vehicle and it's I like to be able to get into my be able to get up and go so so anyways those are trains that recommend we're on our way to Atlanta trying to beat the sunset and and we're going to begin this trip we've got great wedding the weather day is a little iffy but after today the weather looks really great for the next week which we're going to get to Cincinnati Indianapolis and spending the weekend in Chicago then hopefully I don't get shot but so anyways stay to subscribe our Channel and I appreciate any comments you have or any advice that you have about traveling with the dog what a hotel change you found to be beneficial that'd be really great thank you god bless you you