12 August 2019

Dog Holiday🐶, “Sunnydale” Park Dean Resort Saltfleet. Dog friendly review

Sometimes you go to a caravan park or a seaside town to find disappointment, as they are not geared up for the dog friendly experience, so this is our review on ...

well it's that time of year again we got

his little dog holiday now he loved his dog all it is we try and do two a year which is like a Monday to Friday and we take a little lower away try and find a nice beach she loved splashing in the sea early on in the year we went over to birth in Wales it was a park Dean Resort again we quite like them they're quite good with dog friendly caravans now both itself the caravan part was really nice it was great usual corner tidy Caravan and all that but the area itself was not dog friendly it was awful the beach itself the whole promenade was all no dogs no dogs all through the summer period so we had to do some other walks and stuff but anyway we determine this time to find somewhere where we could take the take it on the beach and see how we get on here we go we were going to shoot up to salt fleet on the East Coast it's a park game we saw again really looking forward to it it's gonna be a great one [Music] [Music] so the caravans in a decent spot not too bad inside or quite clean and tidy pretty comfortable bed plenty of room for just the three of us they say you

got the seating we've got few spare bedrooms in this rocks offices only is two in the dog just in there's a spare bedroom that dock my farm where their beds comfy you never know it is she is loving it loving it really pleased with the sight it's absolutely super it's got everything that we expected you've got a beautiful pool you've got a lovely restaurant bar they make a crack in breakfast which the dog really loves you can have the full monty seven pound breakfast dollars a really nice special four three pound fifty just what the dog wants got a lovely fishing like if you're into that sort of stuff if you've got the kids playground and all the other facilities that you expect it's just a short walk up up the path towards the sea to the Nature Reserve or the bog so straight out of the campsite turn left and this brings you up the top of the road to the Sun Bank so what you're looking at here is the Humber estuary now this is a whole sort of Nature Reserve it's got loads of birds and wildlife and stuff like that but you gotta be careful because it gets really boggy so you've got the black yeah

there's lots of flowing little streams where the wall comes in and out but if you can get past that you can walk beyond it and the beaches there it's beautiful so it but it's a royal trek you know you've got to go a good quarter from all across the muck to get to the Sun this whole area goes right the way up is they say it's the Humber estuary and this is all a part of the Donna nook RAF base their training ground so you can sometimes get the jets flying over or whether doing some military exercises yeah it's nice it's good to watch the planes flying in the city jets and stuff but if you want straight forward sandy beach if you go into this site taking the kids thinking you can just walk out your caravan with your bucket and spade no it ain't gonna happen there isn't a sandy beach right outside you've got to walk across the muck to get to it so yeah that is a tricky one and again we're dogs if you want to walk straight out the caravan it's nice to walk up the Nature Reserve if you stay on the clean grassy park but if you go towards the sea guarantee that you're gonna get the dog absolutely covered in

muck and slime because they just love rolling in all this salty dirt in the mud and everything so you want to be where we off but a short ten-minute trick put down the coast towards the beach is down at Mapplethorpe it's really good what they've done and they've segregated the beach off so anywhere to the right of the promenade is not dog friendly anywhere to the left is all dog friendly and it's not like it's at a two-bit beach it's beautiful so you can just keep on going it's all signed and there's caps really good chip shop Robin hobb chip shop it's where all the locals go if anybody wants some nice fish and chips but yeah it's a really nice place to Moo nice place to take your dog and have a good day [Music] so we've got a crack in time in soulfully really enjoyed it nice place any problems we had and the only thing slight issue was the water pressure in the caravan they'd had survey said that out some tank Danny we couldn't have a shower the first day because the the water pressure just was non-existent you can turn the tap on but to be fair to him they sort it all out

and got it all up and running again so over than that I can't fault it was absolutely brilliant so yeah thumbs up for salt fleet for the dog and a good dog holiday so if it's a bit of use if you've enjoyed that one just drop me a thumbs up [Music]