11 August 2016

Dog hotel game play level 4

hey guys I'm gonna be playing dog hotel

with y'all so oh look loyalty bonus one and fifty clean okay i'm already on uh no i'm already on level 4 and i have two dogs so let me call this dog in take her and she's dirty here okay let's see it's washing I think this is a her I don't know scrubber the dun dun dun dun dun we gotta watch me do all she doesn't like it well too bad you're getting you're getting a bath your owner said to make you feel like home to make this place I don't know what I said okay um this give him so fun frisbee time is the time I'm gonna freeze me does that to every oh she doesn't like it she doesn't like it let's go back to her little channel and then let's take care of this dog okay so she has been water yes you are very dirty dog see let's give you a bath and then let's dryer okay no she's happy Bailey let's see she just needs that and back so we're going to go to our other dog sweep the floor sweets sweets she just needs that and that tran with the clicker okay um molar them to the clicker so um let's do speak okay this is fun she doesn't like it she burns okay now we're gonna do play dead it sounds fun oh my god this is fun OOP all I haven't tried this no I didn't do

it right okay so she lets do sit training whatever that is okay I'm gonna end the day secure ok let's go here oh my gosh see it Roland sleep go to Bailey ok wait when you clean up her area because it's not fair or something something something good look achievement a lot crime scene cleaner august eleventh already oh gosh those oh oh I thought that was dirt ok so let's see why eyes how I'm not Barney to get that the camp so it's like a whole house for like okay says your circle here's like a queen so cool okay go away now scratches hell we got a factor too okay go bat um so choose our bathroom stuff stuff stuff stuff so I'm gonna go ahead in this video right here if y'all liked it please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your favorite dog pillow which is a boy or Bailey which is the Carl boy toy Bailey the poodles or Milo the Yorkshire Terrier just to kind of right okay so bye wait one sec sighs sorry so yeah bye guys where is the little and pause thingy thingy let me go to the back sorry guys I really don't know how to work this out somewhat house sure how do

I know I don't want to play that game you