28 March 2017

Dog House Cafe in Bulacan! Review/Overview

Hey guys it's me BullTato, and in today's video I did a review of a venue. 'Hope you guys enjoy this video. CAMERA USED: Canon G7X MII MICROPHONE ...

hey guys it's me basil so today I'm with

my brother and he'll Donna dragged me to the dog house something is my pronouncing it right the house comes at my loss and what I promise you on Twitter I'm yeah no there I'm gonna take you guys with [Music] this the reception area and yours near middle the one that I got is a single entry and I object and I pesos for the caramel mocha frappe so here's the locker which they provide if you have heavy items with you because bugs are not allowed in the play area and we have provided sleepers with the only one you can use inside the play area and here's their shoebox and there's the doghouse rules you can pause it and here's the play area here's the cafe area in which you can clean your drink and use the remove if you want to add some and use my drink we have variety of dogs like this that that's one a German Shepherd a golden retriever a shih tzu apparently a pug the naughty one and I also don't know that one and here are some of the clips enjoy [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] so that's all about it guys for the price of 199 play those we included two hours of state is a lot of time for you to enjoy plus it includes a free drink and it is clearly stated that all their dogs are vaccinated so that is all for this video guys and if you find this video fun enjoyable interesting make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and he's got subscribe for them to get notified whenever I upload new video and I will see you all next time bye [Music]