08 September 2019



I was good John back to the same day man

on these long walks I'll do nothing but meditated ponder and and man I said let me do another quick video I just got some stuff now I got people be calling me if you kids calling all kind of stuff you know and you know basically you know with this YouTube stuff you know you can't like you gain like a fanbase from different people so not be getting random calls from kids you know and I won't trip about it because I know you know what most the time is just it ain't you know nothing serious but I just wanted to save me I was just pondering man I was just thinking man over the years growing up and stuff know what I can say advice for all of the youth and adults well you know like they are the same bye-bye Bruce Lee he said the formulas like water you know water water goes in the cup it becomes the cup you put water in the bowl it becomes the bowl you put water in that grass if he comes the grass you put it on this concrete he becomes the concrete he said be water but one thing I want to add to that quote is not only do you have to be water but be a sponge to soak up the water because see a sponge has holes in

it holes being in opening portals and you know and and acceptability to be filled if see see they ever saying they say they say it's hard to fill a cup that's already full so if you a sponge they mean you got holes and you open and willing to soak up knowledge and gain and wisdom and so with that said man they see I ain't saying it just holds but the sponge has you know the properties that it can they can soak up knowledge so be sure that in life you stay in school you know what I'm saying get the minimum high school if not more but you know some people still successfully they drop out of high school I am promoting it but you know I always say at least get high school but regardless of whatever you get as far as paperwork wise from the system be sure that you maintain a committed level of excellence be sure that you maintain the committed level of excellence meaning you uh you you focus on on growing you'd be like a spouse taking knowledge you're not already full you met you right you remain open the gain and knowledge period point blank so don't never think that you learned at all you never learn at all life is we

get you know these days a lot of us ain't even making it 200 I want to say rest in peace to my grandmother she made it to 100 my great-grandmother she meets 100 and past you know but a lot of people aren't making it 200 man you can't learn all this in a hundred years you know what I'm saying and none of us is immortal and living thousands of years and no letter you know so even when you think you mastered something you ain't mastered it there still is probably more you can learn so with that said man be formless like a sponge but be I'm sorry mixing myself you farmers like water but soak up knowledge like a sponge and be committed to knowledge for the rest of your life and that's how you gonna grow clam blank period you know that's what the Scriptures teach the Scriptures teach to seek wisdom seek knowledge that's the true wealth if you ever want to get rich again wealth it's gonna start off with your mindset it's gonna start off with your knowledge what information you hold within your head that's why they got people that what they gonna do they're gonna withhold information because that information is

key for you to gain up one aspect of wealth which might be monitored there's all kinds of different forms of wealth got a you know saw him well here right now I'm walking this dog this farm brings about health that aspect oh well you want to be healthy you know you want to be healthy in life so you can't enjoy what other other areas of what you know what I'm saying so and there's one more thing I wanted to say I can't think of so it's all the young guys man that's what I would say y'all be committed to knowledge whatever mentors you got whatever old head your father figures you know all those type of things pay attention to what they say learn from them always you know turn over what they tell you based on with the life they live in and you know and think about what we're results is going here you know because they say a good tree bringeth forth good fruit so make sure that the tree you make sure that you know the information you getting is good information you know some of these and some of these dudes a lead to lead you down the wrong path so that way you can follow you know and all

that now I thought about it and like another thing I wanted to touch on is this you got people you got people who gonna who gonna watch you blood sweat and tears you put in all this grind all this hustle to get what you got to do what you're doing you know instance like for me it'd be with the dogs you know people come through you don't even know seen me a dog see me at all this and even if you know I'm he's still finally gonna do it you know they they they they they don't know about all of some of them do some dumb I don't know about it was the sacrifices it took to get the dogs you have and they want you to just give it to him you know with no strings attached you know and and but yet they don't realize all the times where you could have been on vacation you weren't on vacation you could have been buying your old lady purses you know sandals and heels and you know clothes just shining just buying bling but you could have had your own custom-made chain 4 3 4 grand looking like a rapper anything but you say you know you put your energy into what you believing in love and the dogs and then they want you to give give

something to free starting so that I'm just slowing down on so you put your energy towards the damn dogs you know I'm saying and they want you to give them away and nothing was given you know what I'm saying nothing was given everything that you see that we have was painful and that's just how it go you know that's that's how it go so don't ever let nobody make you feel bad you didn't invest it into something without whether it be your restaurant whether you got a trucking business are you making clothes whatever go never let nobody make you feel bad for not doing something for free because at the end of the day they didn't help you you know go through the fight that you've been through fighting neighbors doing this wanna cook all that type of stuff no so that's it bruh you deserve the reward that you get from putting up with whatever you put up through to get to where you got to know so anyways man that's all I'm gonna say for all the kids out there y'all have a blessed day you