08 September 2019

DOG REACTS: Cone of Shame Removal *DESTRUCTIVE*

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what's up guys and welcome back to

another episode of a super Cooper so what's up buddy what's up Kota I can't believe you actually stood up from your nap when I started the intro that was impressive I'm really happy with you coupie do you realize how exciting of a day it is oh my goodness that big cone that you're knocking everyone with and you've been abusing her with and running into everything with it's coming off it's coming off today and we have to have a party where are you at buddy oh my gosh he is so excited so you guys know Cooper got fixed he's had to wear the cone for like ten days or so now and it is finally time for it to come off his recovery is going great I mean you guys have seen the videos he literally acted like nothing ever happened so I mean I this is kind of what we expected but it's coming off today he has not been able to run up and down the stairs he's not been able to run at all he has not been able to jump around and be crazy he has not been able to swim so we're gonna throw a little party for him and then we're gonna let him go swimming it's gonna be a really fun day he hasn't been in like honestly a really long time

now it's probably been like a month or so at least so it's gonna be a crazy day we're really excited join us as we head to the party store I know buddy I know what she wants and I promise you we'll get it today he has been begging for it for weeks now could we go potty go potty come on go potty good boy Go Go we're not doing it yet that's coming later today I said the S word and now he knows it's happening this is the last potty with a cone good job he's just a little ray of sunshine a little bowl of sunshine have you ever seen such a happy bowl of each else you've been Cooper's her shadow everywhere she goes he follows her around he's always underfoot and you like you trip over him just normally when he has the cone he's just like ramming into the back of her knees over and over and over again and he just he doesn't I mean I think he understands it's there but he just doesn't care like hey it's not that he doesn't have the spatial awareness he just doesn't care like if it's there he's gonna hit it with the cone it doesn't matter he's

like a bulldozer or something he he's really enjoyed the last week we haven't as much you know baby at this point I think we need a party city sponsorship also you know what's embarrassing is most people go here for their children to throw like birthday parties and stuff we have spent more money at Party City than I think 98% of the families in Orlando have on our dogs look at all these fun Halloween decorations we've got to start planning that babe if you guys have any good ideas for this year's Halloween episode let us know yeah one dollar witch fingers all right now we're gonna wait for that but seriously if you guys have ideas let us know we want to make this your epic look we could dress up as Cooper's new favorite toy and then for us I can be Bob Ross and you can be my painting so I already see the first thing we're getting a doughnut pinata we're also gonna get some blowouts confetti cannons balloons and even bigger balloons streamers a gold chain bombshells I think this banner is necessary I just and I think we're good good job babe hey big boy are you ready are you ready to surprise him what do you think buddy

are you ready it's gonna be a fun day right we're gonna put up all the streamers blow up some balloons all kinds of stuff like that Chelse actually had a really really good idea she was curious to see what happens how Cooper gets balloons with a cone on scientific experiment just give him one and then we'll lock him back up and decorate the house okay I'm down for that I'm just I'm curious if he's gonna be able to get his mouth on the balloon or if the cones gonna get in the way and like really upset him and he'll get really frantic so we're gonna try that typical Bellatrix living up to her name just being an absolute jerk taunting Cooper that's behind the door right now Bella why are you being mean to him he keeps sticking his paw and like his nose down by the door and then she'll swipe at him look look at that Bella why are you being so mean to your brother are you ready buddy are you ready all right come get it three two one oh if he did not the couch he would have been in big trouble there and now now he know he brought you his kidney yeah don't you dare swallow him underneath

the door again otherwise he's gonna pick you up and run around with you all right now for real let's take his cone off we're gonna let him be happy by getting the cone off and then we're gonna put him back away we're gonna decorate and we're gonna have our party I mean it's gonna be cut a sec because he's not gonna have a built-in toy carrier anymore look at this he dropped the cat toy because he wanted the balloon droppings in her hand and this is just a message good boy coupe I'm so excited to get this off here we go all right the big moment of truth come here buddy we're gonna pull this out later you don't need that step on the cone bite the cone eat the cone tear it up it's never coming back get back we don't like that code good boy look how proud he is right now he's not even walking he's like strutting whoa Kota just threw the cat Cooper is eating the cone like cuvee yes yes this is just like the cone parade weirdoes parading around the house good boy good boy I love you so much good only you did what do you say let's throw him in that room

we're gonna get this all set up for the party it's gonna be a fun time [Music] [Laughter] [Music] jimmy-john straw alright so we are looking pretty good we've got our nice little banner thing here probably my favorite part we've got his gold chain GoPro for when we go swimming we've got all of our streamers up all over the couch in the kitchen table and stuff and now the final piece we are putting some of his dog food inside of this pinata and we're gonna see if he understands what he's supposed to do Bella I would be careful around that balloon that thing pops and you're going up the wall she would be so upset about that but yeah we've got three big balloons cuz one popped four small balloons he's gonna go crazy we've got some of these blower things I wish we would've got ones with with the sound but they only blow out so that's okay but um this is gonna be fun alright boys come on wait is he not gonna oh my goodness get it oh there's another one nice going for the purple one over here good boy

get it get it get it oh that's guys good job good job good job go get him go get him go get him go get him go get him where we going oh goodness those big ones are so much fun oh my goodness there's another one right there boom look at that holy cow he's crazy no we do have another big one up here which he's already looking at I'm gonna try putting that in the pool after we go swimming I feel like that that would be really interesting so next up let's get you a chain on little buddy come here look could we come here look at this nice job look at you looking so flashy don't worry coop she's gonna fix you up look at that nice job buddy looking good okay you think should we do this before we do the cannons I feel like the cannons are gonna be so fun coupie c'mere it's a pinata it's food in there are you ready get it get it get it get it nope not not not the rock stone not in the rocks good boy you got a share coupe you got to share the pinata so there's a fairly thick layer of cardboard there that they're gonna have to get open if they want to get to the food

oh look at Khoda getting aggressive okay Kota keeps going for the middle of the doughnut thinking he's gonna get something there get it get it get it get it get it get it just take a big ol bite out of that doughnut it's doing circles there's food literally all over this rug and Andy's just right here picking it up in Cooper's just go into town I feel like this is like an Aesop's fable coupe is so focused on what's inside the pinata right now he doesn't see all the food on the floor good boy coupe meanwhile coda is just reaping the rewards of all of coops work look you got it open now we just look at that nice job it's raining food all right well we've got a big mess to clean up good work Cota Coda's actually taking his time to make sure that the pieces he's eating our food and not the paper we had to pull Cooper away because he was just eating anything that was on the floor so it's all right buddy we love you we'll give you some dinner later but we're just gonna let Koda be methodical about this because that's what he does best [Applause] okay so he doesn't like balloon and he

doesn't like blowing that is absolutely disgusting our last thing here last but not least for the inside section is going to be our confetti cannons are you ready coop let's do this three this is gonna be such a pain to clean up he is so happy [Music] yay he's not impressed he wants more cannons please lady oh my goodness this is gonna take forever to clean up we'll be back in like ten minutes or more and then we're gonna be jumping in the pool [Music] by the way in case you guys were wondering where Kota was during that whole shot he's sleeping he just opened his eyes cuz I started talking about him but he didn't move from that spot unfortunately every party must come to an end however there is one last segment that we have there's one last balloon go go go go go go go get it go get it go get it go get it you forgot it coop you're supposed to get it go get it get the balloon I guess we learned today that balloons are less

important than swimming I would say that was pretty successful I think he had a really good day we obviously don't want to push it too far I mean technically they're supposed to be able to be active after 10 days but it's better to play it safe we don't want to let them swim for too long so hopefully you guys enjoyed thank you guys so much for watching we're excited to be back we're excited to have him back in full form factor back in full craziness and we've got some fun episodes playing coming up next let us know what you guys want to see drop a like if you guys enjoyed we'll catch you all later peace out this water is so warm