09 September 2019

Dog Shows & Masters Readings | September 1st-8th Reading Vlog

Books mentioned: -City of Dragons by Robin Hobb -Blood of Dragon by Robin Hobb -Renegades by Marissa Meyer -Unsettling Canada by Art Manuel -Jane ...

hello and welcome to my hello and

welcome to my first September 2019 blog it is September first and we are off to rally practice because Breyer has her first competition in Buffalo New York next weekend so it's crunch time Brier I am in the middle of two books right now I am currently reading assassins quest by Robin hobb and city of dragons by Robin hobb luckily I have Alex to drive so that I don't have to drive anymore this week after my long trip to Montreal and so that I can read in the car love you Alex all right I will check in with you guys later okay so alex has read half of a chapter aloud of city of dragons to me yeah it was a pretty momentous chapter lots was discussed can you lift the cover so late oh sorry hi oh cute Wow adorable um so who's your favorite character well okay I want to get this out of the way I don't really like the Dragons to be honest whoa like you read half a chop and you're passing such judgment well no like all right yeah I can kind of I don't know like in general the ones that have said anything they kind of don't treat the scaly people very well okay like these

people are like you're basically like raising you like show them a little bit more respect I get that you're you know ancient like like even like recalling memories angel you're gonna live like so much longer than them they don't give a they're taking care of you show a little decency you it is 1042 on September 1st and I have completed city of dragons I would say that you know it's like the first read of the month but I read like 36 percent of this in August and then the rest of it today so it was a joint effort between August and today I gave it a 4.5 stars I really enjoyed this book sometimes I thought there was just like too much going on and the ending kind of didn't really wrap up everyone's threads very well into a way that goes into the fourth book but you know that's like maybe a problem with any fantasy series that just has a lot of characters it's hard to focus on everybody equally mainly I'm salty because my favorite character wasn't in my class six chapters I'm like Hello Cedric come back sir that's uh yeah that's all good night good morning happy September 2nd this

morning I am drinking spice of life tea which has coconut and cinnamon and all that nice stuff and I am editing my rant review for the gilded wools I just finished making a rubric for how I'm gonna rate books going forward um I'm pretty excited about it I think I'm going to make a video about it when I finished my next book and do a bit more detail but I'm pretty excited and the future professor and me is quaking it's 10:30 at night and I've read 230 pages of the last reign wilds book today which is a pretty good reading day honestly if I'm being honest and I might go to sleep now I have orientation tomorrow morning very early for my master's program so I have to wake up at 7 to get briar and I are ready for that but I might just read a bit more - we'll see good night when I talk to you tomorrow morning I will officially be a master student [Music] hello happy September 3rd I had my orientation today from 8:30 a.m. and it ends at 4:00 p.m. that's like a full day um I didn't expect it to take that long but here we are and then the thing is it had been 15

hours since Breyer had peed like she peed it to him and then she just didn't pee all day so I took her to the vet after cuz I was like girls got a Pete you know and then they squeezed her bladder and so she peed and they tested her urine and she has a bladder infection so awesome that's been my day um it's been a bunch of school paperwork academic integrity modules training and then and then bladder infections for dogs so I read nothing today today is been tiring but things came in at the library for me so I'm gonna walk and go get those now and leave Pryor at home because we've spent a lot of time together today and I could do to not have her right now I finished my book and with it the rain wild chronicles the whole series it's over folks not sure what I'm going to write it yet I feel positive and negative feelings good night [Music] hello it is 5:30 on September 4th and I have had a long day I had a meeting with the professor I am tn for this morning and we talked about my responsibilities as a TA and it turns out I'll actually be able to do one

lecture which I'm really excited for it all I really wanna do with my life is lecture history and mark papers so you know ting is gonna be a really fun gig for me and then I had my first class for my masters and that was fun I mean nothing really happened anymore discuss like the organization of the course and stuff but I did then go to indigo and buy some books for my course I bought unsettling Canada a national wake-up call which is a book about I think it's just indigenous activism in Canada I'm not too sure but apparently it's very good we have to read this for next class so for Wednesday and then I bought Jane Eyre for the class that I'm teeing because we will be doing a I say we you know I'm not writing any papers we're doing a novel study which she wants to bring in historical fiction and analyze it to the themes that we learn in the class so the two novels that were going to be studying and critiquing and analyzing our heart of darkness in Jane Eyre and my fellow TA and I said we'd split it so that I would do all the papers on Jane Eyre and he would do all the papers on heart of darkness because pick your poison

I really don't what I hate heart of darkness any more than I've already had to so yeah [Music] [Music] good morning it is Thursday September 5th and yesterday I had a meeting and a class and today I have a meeting in your class but the difference is my class is in Guelph at the University of Guelph instead of at the University of Waterloo so that's just like an hour commute as well as a three-hour class and the meeting is over but not at all so that's my day that's all my Thursdays going forward I'm gonna continue reading unsettling Canada I really really was enjoying it when I went to bed last night it's quite interesting the way it's framed and I'm also gonna read renegades when I need a break no seriousness that's what's up I sold a good amount of water on my book in the back oops it's 1009 I've read a ton of this book today I dropped it in a bit of bathwater and it's time for me to stop it's time for me to just read renegades until I fall asleep I have work at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow so I gotta I

gotta sleep hello it is 6 p.m. on Friday September 6 and I spent 10 hours working and work from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and now I am picking up my friends and we are driving to Buffalo doggie show and briers gonna lose well she'll do something I'm not greatly confident but you know what we're gonna have fun that's what's important as long as I don't die of exhaustion before we get there [Music] [Music] [Music] hello I am back in Canada after a long weekend of competitions and dog stuff Brier got to third place ribbons and we tight our and we qualified in two of the three events we showed in we didn't qualify in the third which means that she doesn't have a title we need to qualify him one more event for her to have a title but that's okay because she's still a baby there's still so much time to get her titles and stuff and we had a really good experience and I learned a lot and I really liked the show environment so it was a great weekend I'm on my way home now and then

I'll do a wrap-up once I get home and that'll be the end of this video back in my house now I'm very tired it's time to take a long shower and nap but thank you for watching this far I hope this is an enjoyable vlog for you I know it was a bit different with like the dog show stuff and not just not my regular stuff but yeah thanks recap of my week I started my master's program I finished three books and I won third place in to rally oh trials briar so that's what I did please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this content and leave a comment for me I'd love to hear from you I'll talk to you tomorrow with another vlog beginning but that won't be published tomorrow you're gonna have to wait for that sorry this is going nowhere so goodbye [Music] [Applause] [Music]