11 January 2018


Kind of a vlog where I show you the cute dog I was taking care of. Thank you SO MUCH for watching! Please leave any questions or comments down below.

hey everyone it's May I don't even know

what this video is gonna be kind of a vlog but not really I just wanted to show you guys the dog I'm dog sitting because she's really cute even though she's also kind of a demon because also I jerk her to my house but then my mom and I had to go out shopping today and my dad was golfing so we just put her back at her house while we went and then I just came over and I'm just like hanging out with her in the yard but last night she was such she like would not let me sleep it was the worst thing because I had her at my house oh my god that yeah it's a really nice day I'm just in their yard hazel she else doesn't like to come when she's called hazel come here come here the viewers want to see you there she is she's a mini dachshund it's like actually kind of hot outside like I don't even need this code I could definitely be without it I have this strawberry green tea mint smoothie that I made it's from the cookbook that Jillian got me no Christmas and it's pretty good it's just like a slushie which fits for the summery day it is right now um I can't really taste the green tea but

it's good it's refreshing and I brought my book second chance summer it's so good so far guys I love this author Morgan Matson is my absolute favorite author like her she's just such a good writer like everything she writes comes to life and it makes me feel like I'm there and it's just it's so good and then I also have this sandwich ate half of it home it's just lettuce cheese mennies and this mustard that my parents got me for Christmas because I am a mustard enthusiast so that is that he's a girl yes do you want some sandwich you haven't even eaten your kibble yet yeah careful that little tail trying that sandwich huh thank you for you she's just been out here she's just been out here what's that I said where's your ball three ball hey Jabbar