21 May 2017


Spent most of today just watching the new puppy! Friends in this video: Maureen ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcd_maureen ~Instagram: ...

is someone crying hmm

ha ha oh yeah oh my god I can't even get it good morning little whiny baby ok we need to take you outside if you don't pee you in the hey come on oh no it's raining outside so you're gonna go pee outside when it's raining oh good I don't know what to do oh here's let's forget the ball okay that's I can't okay it was texting me Oh a gun to NTV real-life I am the father of a crack child oh you're crazy psycho hey let go you crazy Christian someone can even debate Haiti the face of trouble not amused now you're just making of me despacio Jill say hi to the vlog hey Megan today event I in the vlog you need us ahead of luck they don't even know you're here hmm are we surprised that I'm here in it she's been starting to go under the couch because I first got used to hide I just like the blue type this is literally like a baby binky literally laterally we tipping out see you later vlogs I'm still here vlog no no not for long ahahahaha hey you

guys so real quick it is a really late night as you can see by pitch-black darkness I'm going to go pick up one of my friends and then we're going to hang out a little bit so there we go my light so any of those gonna happen okay talk to you guys later guys I don't know if you can see me I'm currently I'm currently outside of a bar picking up my friend it's really scheduled bar - I'm nervous ah I'm so scared but if I upload this I didn't die so that's good if you're wondering yes I survived okay so I picked on my friend up for the power and then we went to like his friend's house and they just were having like a lull get-together at the Corbin pizza it's actually really cool um but I'm vlogging event because I didn't know any of them they didn't know me that's like a weird first impression like without cameras I like recording things so it did not record it but after that I came back home and now it's really an American man so hope you guys enjoy today's vlog and I will talk to you guys tomorrow morning good bye [Music]

you [Music]