13 February 2017

Dog sitting / Party

via YouTube Capture.

vlog I have to go watch a fucking dog a

dog I have to babysit it it's a pretty time like oh well happy you did like I wasn't even recording but I fucking hate that it looks like you're recording but you're not reporting it makes me angry down alright guys this was a fucking dog I have to watch that's my dog Raven what's operating this is Coco this is my grandma's dog Wow can't get off I don't have pants on him just got the underwear what's up Raven are you doing big old flappy eyes ears little SAT there huh I just fed the dogs and now they're outside they're probably gonna take a shit and I have to watch them so they don't run away it's fucking cold hey Wisconsin that's what I got visconti yow to try to have this lesbo shit no I got one more round I got one more round I'm toasting your life yes it's okay if I die tonight it's okay i don't care yeah a fun read this shit got me real fucked up bags whoa I got real busy y'all icon I saw me it's good fuck you I'm good I'm really dizzy no clue but i think i got nothing more in there no nothing no nothing I should make a voice i am recording for my blog i should make a blog and call it lon yeas wok

thanks and you can welcome and get ten numbers off your first groupon deal of twenty-five dollars or more why the fuck does it take so long to login to snapchat what the fuck keep you squares machine just got dropped off uh-huh and it's really fucking right out and I do not like any of it sighs retain that I saw that's pretty good that's good the cameras ass man look at that gee Garbo that's what it is trying to get snapshot picture by as you can see it's not letting me try it again no okay close the app that's what I did still don't work no I did it edges to do right now I'm reopening see oh very fucking call might be great if my mom would hurry Matt bloodier what is your family just like fucking rabbits oh that's a good damn question wish they wouldn't write they mean when i use fucking condoms there's too many little kids here but i know we at a birthday party small as kids here yeah hella of small kids at least 10 of them Oh Kirsten we told him the basement is no one's down here let's set up this whole babe yeah no I'm certain with these down here have

been mad I don't know it something didn't even put the candy in the piano oh yeah Jesse's that comp fisted the whole for it I'm dead hoping you out more fucking funny now hello block I just got back from hanging on man ah the party was lit last night I didn't really film that because I got drunk and kind of forgot about it so yeah but um Matt leaving she here all the goddamn time um it was lit though like I drank a lot and I mean free alcohol who went and today I know Matt and his family we went to his niece's birthday party she turned one yeah it was very boring but oh well and I'm just since i didn't i don't think i've posted for 14 site yeah so i'm just gonna go behind what I did Saturday and Sunday and put into vlog this vlog so i'll see you guys find you or anything interesting I just gonna watch Netflix and eat I have to eat fucking hungry my favorite meal whole burger known that called gravy Hawaiian meatballs okay for the those of you who follow me on snapchat you guys know that during Christmas my aunt she gave me a movie card and while we were open up presents

I took it out of the bag and I just put it in my pocket and then when I opened it act like there was nothing in there and then she said she was give me a new one so I got to them bitches hashtag finessed all right it is 745 and i'm gonna upload this vlog and then my ass is gonna go a bit cuz i'm tired as a bitch and I didn't get hungover I mean my stomach hurt when I woke up but it was good the rest of the day goodnight everybody