16 April 2015

Dog Supplies Series 1: Travel

I wanted to share some of the products I use while traveling with my small dog. *Pet Gear carseat: http://amzn.to/28XZzTc Car restraint: ...

hey guys welcome back to dog paw vlog I

am thinking about doing a series video I want to do kind of a series of the different categories of dog supplies that I have hopefully it'll be helpful to some of you it'll be just different products on to use different websites I shop at so the first video in the series I want to do is going to be based on um travel I'm going to break up the video down into public three or four parts the first one is going to be automotive and then road trip and then air travel and account just a general miscellaneous um category Coco is likely going to make several cameos in this video because most of the stuff is for her she's going to be very excited and be in the video because she's going to try and get to all of our stuff first I'm going to show you is Coco's car seat now I don't have that expensive snoozer car seat so I got this one on eBay and it's the pet gear large car seat and it's actually meant to fit two small dogs back here were the original tethers but if you can see they're only barely sewn into just the seem like there's no real anchor or anything so I took those off and they're actually in her stroller but what I do

use is a seat belt attachment harness deal if any of you are familiar with the snoozer here she comes iffen if you were familiar with the snoozer you know it comes with like a pocket in the front with you can get the pet's name monogrammed on it this one doesn't come with that so I'm gonna lift her up and dump her out you can see it does come with this groove in the foam that's cut out where you slide the seat belt through but because I use a seat belt attachment I don't need to use that seat belt thread so I did is I went and got a school box from Michaels for a dollar and I keep in it an extra Lygia to harness so that's just kind of like my makeshift Do It Yourself pocket for a car seat also in here I keep what she's actually chewing on a rawhide and they one of her stuffed toys there's a pillow in here and I just got this a dog paw blanket from target dollar spot so that is her car seat again I'll try to put the link for everything I'm talking about down in the downbar if you're interested in checking gap but that is her car seat I'm gonna move her alright so speaking

of car safety I use seat seat belt attachments to keep the dogs restrained within the vehicle now the safest way to travel with a pet in the car is to actually keep them in a crate that is secured in the car so it can't move around and the dog won't go flying if you're in an accident but just to keep them in their seats and keep them from trying to jump up front or be ridiculous in the car I just got these from eBay and they just slip around the seat belt and you buckle the seat belt in and then this part attaches to the harness and you want to make sure that you're always attaching any kind of restraint in the car to their harness and not their collar because in a sudden stop you can really cause a lot of damage to the pets neck so these are just these three are for the boys and then this one is Coco's I got hers later so that's why it's different this one's actually from Petco and it came with a actual harness but I don't like to use that when I use one of her regular harnesses so that's just that they get buckled in another thing I keep in the car or just kind of backup supply I got this box from Hobby Lobby they sell the exact same box at Staples

so it's just a hard plastic kind of shallow box and first thing I keep in here on top are their records I don't necessarily keep their full records for vaccines but I do keep their rabies um that's one of the more important things if you're out with your pet and they bite someone if there's an incident you want to make sure that you have like you know you're counting license and your rabies certificate accessible even if it's on your phone or whatever but I just keep it in here and then at all keep a current picture of each pet because if they got away from me while we were out and I needed to like make a lost poster or something like that I have pictures of them here's lamby I'll show you bamm-bamm I just have updated pictures of them in here as well so I just keep that in like my car I also keep tons and tons of extra poopy bags because you just never want to be walking your dog somewhere and they do their business and you don't have nothing to clean it up with you look like a bad pet owner just always have spare baggies with you then I have a couple of these portable water bowls that pop up these are pretty neat to

have you run into the park whatever you can use your own bowl folds flat same thing with this one it folds flat then I have this water bottle I think I got this off eBay as well and it's um kind of similar to what Coco drinks out of normally at the house it's just that that you know rollerball going on with it here comes in and it's got the carabiner with no last thing in here is a couple of treats just so there's not very much in the car box um the only other thing I probably put in there is like a spare leash just in case like a leash breaks or something so now I'm going to move on to our road trip supply first thing with the road trips um Coco tends to get her own bags just cuz you're I'm packing my suitcase so she needs stuff she has her grooming junk and toys and food again Coco is when we take with us on vacation because you know you're often limited to like one small dog when you're you know going to be staying somewhere so first thing we did was get a canvas tote to put most of her stuff in now I got this bag from Hobby Lobby and the letters are also from Hobby Lobby spells out her first name I don't if you able to really see

in the front there are two large pockets in these large pockets I like to put her leash and harness and in this I'll put um like if your dog was on medication you give it medication or something but I just throw some more toys in here so this is really nice if you if you have a boarding facility that gives you back your things a lot of places are like oh well we can't guarantee that you'll get your stuff returned to you but if you have a board in place you've used before you know you're gonna get your stuff back bring me one of these tote bags is really nice because you can just keep your dog stuff together and it won't get mixed up with someone else's the inside is just I'm completely Hollow and this is where I throw her food in and the back there's nothing like on the bag itself but what I did was make a sheet I don't want to show because it has like all of personal information but I'll show you this part of it maybe it has a some information about her vet the food that she eats her microchip number how old she is some identifying you know markers and things like that about her in case of emergency contact and yeah that's I said

the vet number so in case the boarding facility needed to get ahold of someone and usually any boarding facilities like you fill out paperwork anyway but this is just right here if you're taking your dog like a friend's house for your friend to watch them that will have all that information it's just really helpful um if you're taking your dog with you on vacation but you're going to maybe daycare board them for like the day while you're out sightseeing this would be really good because you know they're not familiar with your pet at all and then on the back of that same sheet I just put you know again the pictures so that they they know who it is if they need to make a loss poster I don't know I just like to have a lot of just in cases so this just goes right on the bag it's just secured with some washi tape and the little book ring so it stays put so that is her boarding bag but this goes with us the next thing I'm going to show you is from Walmart it is a everything Mary's or Mary's everything what is it called sewing Machine case took a lot to get that out it's really nice it has a telescopic handle it's wheels on it exterior

pockets on both sides and in the front there's a pocket here it's it does zip closed on the top here there are these little organizing pockets which is really nice for like grooming supplies or something and then the inside is hollow now they do make something similar to this and it's called a craft tote and I think the craft oak just has like more organizing pockets instead of just being hollow on the inside but this is where you know anything else will go grooming supplies extra toys so yeah this is just when I use as far as the kind of her suitcase next I'm going to show it's going to be the two carriers that I use for airplane travels the main one I use is her um sturdy bag so this is the sturdy bag large and it comes in different colors and different sizes this is sturdy bike large and black and its really great carriers really heavy-duty I've done a video on it I'll link the video review in the bottom um the other thing I wanted to show was her other carrier this one is our go by teeth CO or teeth go by Argo and this one comes in different colors as well there's different styles I'll have to

link it because I don't know exactly what it is called this is really great one as well the UM attachments and the zippers are really great there's external storage pockets and there's its airline approved so there's three points of access weak proof bottom and all that so those are just the main carriers and I'll likely do more in-depth reviews on this one because I haven't done a review on that one yet but I have done a review on this bag so the other accessories of flying with Coco in cabin and flight goes under the seat is um if you are traveling with your pet in Cabin you will have to go through TSA security with them you'll have to take your shoes off and your jacket and your belt and you will also have to take your laptop out put all that stuff in bins but then you'll have take a dog out as well which is really a pain in the butt because you have to stand there with your dog and have your hands flop so if you're holding your dog and you're trying to watch yourself and your dog gets out of your hands or forbid your cat because you can take cats on on board as well they're just going to running on the

airport loose so fast pass you show you Fast Pass has made a leash and collar and harness that don't have any metal in them so you don't have to take them take this off of them to go through the security you do need to announce that when you're about to walk through because they'll tell you to take it off and you see oh no this is TSA approved there's no metal and then you can just go through even like the attachments are just they're just plastic it's really neat and you still get like a ID tag um I would probably opt for the harness just because we all know that dogs and cats can pull out of collars really easily but she did really well I was holding her anyway but yeah this just lives in the carrier because it's the only time I ever ever bring it with me you have a great thing about flying with her that's pretty well in a crate so no don't don't get in it yet okay these are just like her records and stuff in the airline pet policy which I print out because a lot of times their own employees are not aware of their own rules this is called a dry fur pad and it is exactly what it looks and sounds like it looks like a gigantic sanitary

napkin feminine napkin it goes in the bottom of the carrier so house was the work you're supposed to get like a size bigger than your your carrier bottom because it's not supposed to lay flat like this it's actually supposed to curl up and make like a little boat like a little wall to catch all the fluid and you get two in a pack and they come in different colors and different sizes and these are really great so you do one on the way to your location and one on the way back home and this is really great to put in the bottom of a carrier I don't know what she's doing everybody don't I don't I don't know what she's doing okay so I'm gonna move her once again out of the way and as I should be the very last thing and this is just kind of general information of general national information general supplies that I take either for flights or road trips and I keep them in a travel box this is Coco's travel box and you even see it okay that's better and it's just you know storage bin from Target but I'd store all the things I usually pack for her when we travel so I'm just going to go through it this here is what

I lay down as far as a groom at a lot of times we were in hotels or rental places and I'm at a bathroom counter grooming her and this just it's a you know backing on it so she won't slide around it's something comfortable for her lay on tester start roaming back always always travel with puppy pads for the airport airplane honking place you're staying in travel with PB pad this is just another bag that I'm probably actually gonna give away now because this is what I was using to keep her grooming stuff in before I got the other stuff this is a much older bag so I might actually get rid of that this is the carrier I take on vacations as far as taking her with me to places so not her airplane carrier but like just her just I'm bringing her along with me into baby stores or whatever and it folks completely flat I leave this in the bottom of a suitcase got a little peekaboo hole and one little pocket for outside storages leash in it just black on the inside has little rubber feet on the bottom it's pretty nice zips up and this is just is for specifically to travel I also keep a topknot pillow in here because you know

we're grooming so bring that in addition to grooming products this is from sturdy products as well and it's a hanging organizer so she's got a little handle on it and when you unzip it you can hang it in the back that was a little hanger and you can keep all the grooming supplies there's just a whole bunch of different zippers and then there little things here so I use your comb and it pockets on the side pocket in the front really nice this little box is actually what I used to keep my first pair of clippers in when like years years ago but it's very hard black box with a little handle and this is what I travel um in a carry-on in cabin with some fur grooming supplies in it just stuff I know that I would not be able to get pet smart things I don't want Lulu says I'll need to groom her with and it's just really hard to protective so it's nice to keep that these are just bags then I keep little Ziploc bags for putting stuffing this here is the water bottle for the plane so I take it empty of course but once you get past TSA security you can fill it up at a water fountain or a bathroom

and this is just the word Rolly she drinks out up in the plane because I can flip this boom the carrier and she can drink on the plane these big bowls are for mainly road trips that are like plastic and rubber so I take these you know road trip this here is a water bottle that I take flights or road trips and it you have to build it you can put it together but it's just this little pink one here and it has to stand and you just put it together and that stays in whatever house or room that was staying in also have just her little bottoms she's not spayed and she hasn't been spayed we probably are going to see her pretty soon yes these are yours and I can't show them um this is just a little Bob it's a case she starts if she goes in the heat while we're on vacation she doesn't make a mess cuz she's got a roll bottom and then a little plastic bag to put liquids in just you know yeah so I think that was everything I wanted to show you guys um if you have any questions about anything again I'm gonna put the links for what I can find online I'm gonna put the links in the down bar and if you travel with your pets a lot you have small dogs or whatnot you fly

with them or take road trips with them leave down below what you like to bring with them that you find useful or helpful that I didn't include and check out my Instagram my tumblr links will be down in the bar below thank you for watching I really enjoyed making this video and again it'll be a series of different supplies so look forward to that thanks for watching bye