11 October 2018

Dog Toy Review: Trixie Training Board Level 2

Here is my review on the enrichment toy titled the "Flip Board" by TRIXIE Pet Products. They have certain tiers and levels for their activities and this one is graded ...

okay and so welcome to social networks

new toy this is the Trixie Flipboard dog active level - it's kind of the unboxing part of it here I'm just gonna go ahead and just rip off some of this tape just for a second there get that off gonna open up this lever and then I'll kind of show you the contents of what's inside here pretty straightforward box opening that's my address there please don't freeze ahead and find out where I live and so they're just kind of have the circular plastic thing and we got some some of the plastic kind of knobs over here box was empty just kind of these three guys and of course you have the instruction manual so put those over there set aside for now and let's take a look at this instruction manual just kind of gives you some of the basics of what exactly look forward to so put that to the side as well and this is the big board here so we've got a lever like guy with a kind of a cartoon bone so you can see if you flip it over or move it that kind of ends up opening up a little little latch we put some treats in that you have some red circular guys that kind of move around on one horizontal plane and in these two cones that kind

of hold some treats in place and so here are some zukes I pretty much kind of like these guys a little bit more just because of their the really low in calories you can come coming different flavors and just for the most part pretty small and easy to kind of give you can see here have my first attempt cave way too many treats it's kind of a first first try here I did have try again with with my dog the second time and I definitely was a lot smarter with the joints but bear with me here we're gonna go ahead and give her a ton of treats just to kind of I guess we'll say just get her prepared and have a positive association with them with with this kind of experience and enrichment so go went ahead and put a treat in every single crevice an area with that she'll have to kind of move around so let's go ahead and just kind of put this down here and see see how old she does so she really is able to kind of find the easiest one where she's able to nuzzle nuzzle her nose over and kind of move those to the side or not along that horizontal plane a little bit distracted here but sure a little bit of how these things

work and so she knocked over the first cone eventually kind of sees well she'll eventually see it but actually just kind of figuring out all right so she eats the contents in the cone removes that last one so she kind of figures out the horizontal plane pretty well she's gonna slowly start working out a licks it figured out the nozzle kind of and you'll see kind of later how she doesn't really know what she's doing still um and so their moves knocks over the second cone and so she pretty much got this pretty quickly the last part is really just getting this last lever which takes her quite some time and you'll see what I mean here cuz I'm gonna move the camera around and I'm gonna kind of let her figure it out for quite some time so if you go to this part of the video thank you so much for watching social network is a channel that we talk about all things Evette and pet related ec I was kind of helping her move the lever very a little bit and she still don't get it so I actually kind of feel realized for curiosity and that kind of movement with her tongue in her head is what causes it to lift over I don't

think she really knows it but I flipped it already degrees for her so she can kind of do that and they're not obviously rewarded her at the end there so that was the first attempt and so I do have a second attempt here but overall I think this toys pretty great it's obviously a very good rig good enrichment toy so I sped up the second coin just so we could kind of see I think she solved in less about him you know in less than a minute but overall I actually really enjoyed this I think it was about fifteen or twenty bucks on Amazon I'll post a link down below and I think it's a really great tool just to kind of keep you know get there get the gears in their head grinding a little bit and look as you can see here she solved both of these very very quickly she's definitely got the hang of it and then she knows the horizontal plane ones and then this is the last one look at that solved almost sixteen