11 October 2018

Dog Toy Review: Trixie Training Board Level 3 (Part 1)

Here is Part I of my experience with the Trixie Lvl 3 board. This was a completely different level than the level 2 board - much more difficult for Lady to figure out.

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toy review today we are reviewing the Trixie level three dog activity toy so this is actually bit of a long video so I kind of sped up through this opening of the unboxing process kind of the same thing they did with the second one over this level tuned previous video we have this board here and then we have the two cones these cones are actually a little bit bigger than the ones from the level two and let's go ahead and open that up also the instruction booklet which I can just toss to the side so let's go ahead and take a look here let's get everything everything kept falling out while I was trying to get this in position of the video apologize for that alright so here is the board there okay we have a couple couple compartments so they're all relatively the same they're just different colors so obviously the red ones have some string attached to the bottom but have this kind of like Lego box brick kind of thing some circular plates that you can dispense the toys so the key thing here is this guy right there that um movable knob or joystick which the dog has to figure out by manipulating with their part of the muzzle or their Paul to then move those

compartments outward so they can reach the treat as you can see here the cones are are utilized on those holes which actually prevent those red compartments from coming out so she has to go first knock off the cone pull the lever pull the the string to get those red boxes out and here we are using these oops again six that I like so much to put in each compartment and so this is kind of a I guess a way that you know how she's supposed to go ahead and move around with the joystick and it opens up and there's lady there there and put a treat every single compartment even though she almost likely won't be able to get through this again this is a part one video probably because you can expect that this is gonna be a little bit more work to get through this so let's go ahead and see how she does here so she's able to get rid of the take care of the cones pretty quickly just probably based on previous experience with level two um a lot of this video again is sped up to about like seven times the speed I'll kind of let you know she does not solve this so spoiler I apologize really the big difference between little three and level two was actually a very

very big difference this is a much more difficult and much more complicated thing puzzle than the little two it requires for understanding exactly how to manipulate the ropes understanding the joystick she really have you know the the level two is kind of you just keep licking and you keep moving things around or kind of just stick your nose into areas until you get it this one you actually have to have a conscious awareness of how to move this joystick you know the the string at the bottom how that works and so you see here I'm trying to teach her okay you know this thing works she has no idea she's not listening and so that's gonna be some work for us you know on how how to kind of get her conscious and aware of this and so she can see or she's already kind of starting to give up and so what this is a kind of where the instruction booklet starts to come in handy they do say do not take longer than 10 minutes for the activity between breaks because they might start then having a negative association with this and really not having a good time so here's the string I'm trying to show her that it works

she's just focused on this the scent of the treat inside but then I got I start to grab her paw a little bit to try to show her okay you know it's this is you can use your paw I kind of you push it back and forth and of course being being lady she doesn't get it she's just wondering why the heck I'm touching her touching her foot for so fast-forward a little bit more she's kind of happened to get that one out a little bit I think my luck still not really figuring it out a hand eventually she kind of just gives up and so I give her a little bit of a break and and then we try again and you'll see it a little bit how that turns out okay okay so she gave up here and we give her a little bit of a break and here's round two so this is about a couple minutes a couple a couple minutes into it gave her about a five minute break and she came up again so this toy I think is really great it definitely is a fantastic enrichment but it does take a lot of steps so this is gonna be a journey for us to kind of get her accustomed to the rope and the to the knob and the joystick and but overall I

think I think it's worth a buy I think this was probably one of the cheaper ones compared to level two and thank you so much for watching