25 September 2015

Dog Training 101 Series - The "Touch" game - Targeting game

Hi everyone! This is a new video in my Dog Training 101 Series where I will explain some of the basics of training, how to teach your dog a variety of obedience ...

I am welcome to my channel today's video

is another one in my dog training 101 series where I'm going over the basics of training teaching you some different obedience exercises and of course some training games so today's video is in fact a training game we are playing the tapped game which is using the targeting techniques to teach our dogs to touch our open palm with dinos so this training game has many uses you can use it to break out training sessions to give your dog a bit of a break and have a bit of fun you can use it to teach tricks or as a recall game and you can use it to reposition your dog when you're doing a beedi Insecta Vitti's to teach this exercise we start with a food treat under a thumb on the fled of our palm and then we move our hand down in front of the dog so in those start to investigate what the smell is to find the food treat as soon as their nose hits your hand you stay touch and release the food to them watch touch so you repeat this a few times alternating hands until your dog starts to go straight to your palm with the nose and then once they've been doing

that reliably then you can start to make the touch as a command so you would say touch move your hands and then when they go and touch your palm you would use your mark word touch okay yes once your dog knows the command then you can start adding some more distance moving your palm further and further away so your dog has further to go to touch your palm this begins the start of your recall games and also now you can start to use it for tricks and of course getting the dog back into position that's yes touch yes yeah yes yes good job yes good job yes yes I hope you enjoyed this video and more importantly I hope you enjoyed teaching your dog this new game and playing it with your dog so make sure you subscribe to see more videos like this and of course you can always like this video and leave me a comment I already look forward to hearing from you I hope you've a great day don't forget enjoy your training and I'll see you next time bye