25 November 2017

Dog Training & Singing Christmas carols in Home Depot with Peter Caine

Dog Training and Singing Christmas carols in Home Depot and Tractor Supply with Peter Caine Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com.

I'm going to tractor supply to get a

bark collar and I'm taking Finn with me and we're also while I'm out I'm gonna take Finn in Home Depot and Walmart and the reason for this is that Finn is a service dog and when he goes back I'm taking him back on Amtrak so I want him to have as much experience in the public as possible now when we go back to Brooklyn we're gonna be doing videos with Finn on the train we're gonna put him on the subway and get him used to that it's very important that you know he gets used to this as much as possible he's a service dog and that's how I'm gonna have him travel as a service dog is he a puppy yes but he is a service dog and he's compliant with physical assist I'm hey I'm lame everybody knows it I'm fucking lame do I need a service dog yeah sometimes it's very helpful to have a service dog pick stuff up for me and that's what Finn will do if I drop my keys drop my glasses or anything Finn can pick up those objects and hand them to me so that I don't have to bend down I'm in tractor supply with Finn you know getting this for Finn why I'm here he's got a white face notice the white dog on here white dogs get tear stains we want we want Finn looking as good as possible

so you can get a product product like this or I think you can use hydrogen peroxide but you just kind of wipe the dog's face off it gets rid of the tear stain at all bark collars work on all dogs and one of these park collars that I'm getting it's a sport dog collar that one right there and it's pretty good it works great for bird dogs so I gave mine away along to I had a bunch of him and I gave him away so I'm gonna get another one Vince it prints the cutest naughty puppy why is he naughty cuz he's a puppy Finn's awfully excited in attractive supply cuz his birds flying around in here Finn did pretty good and tractor supply I gave him about a oh I don't know eighty I'll rate him at about an eighty I got to go back in they have something that I could need to try on if anybody was wondering what I had to get a tractor supply but sets apart caller coveralls insulated coveralls they're great in the winter time I had a pair of Carhartt once and they I just wore him out being a good boy he's kind of naughty though sometimes I sing him the naughty song no D sama falsetto when I said no twice in tractor supply there

was a cop in there trying to track down a perp I don't know what they did but they were questioning one of the employees like saying I was listening in like how often does she come in you know does she come in and like there was it sounded like she was a an employee that they were trying to track down a perp God knows I would I'm surprised tractors supply would hire a criminal like that oh it's a it was a state trooper by the way there he goes you want me to sing the naughty song one more time no everybody's excited about Christmas so let me sing you a quick Christmas song jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh that's enough I just want to show off my my falsetto voice it's it's fucking great isn't it diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea that's the diarrhea song if anybody was wandering so it's a famous song most people know the diarrhea song let me think of another song to say I can't think of another one round yon virgin mother and child Holy Infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly please sleep in it and late I don't even know if that's the right

words but I just want to show that I do have I have a great voice I have I have a really great voice Remy Remy loves the way I sing I'm gonna go to Taco Bell and get some launched Taco Bell is pretty delicious I just love this time of year I do I love Christmas the holidays makes me just want to sing it does Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw him you would even say it glows I don't know the rest of the words maybe I could just make it up [Music] fuck it it's not true I hate Christmas I think Christmas is a stupid fucking waste of money I do it's fucking dumbest shit fucking Santa Claus and that kind of crap Rudolph Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer give me a fucking break seriously give me a fucking break the only thing good about Christmas is that that cartoon with Rudolph and the fucking little elf that wants to be a dentist you know that's that's it that's a good one with the heat miser is it the same one I don't know it's been years hey I'm just not into holidays I used to be in a safe Patrick's Day when I was a drunk but I don't drive and had a drink

in years so Saint Patrick's Day is bullshit we're gonna get what I always get yeah could I have three crunchy tacos small Pepsi that's it okay whew country tacos and it's all Pepsi with talking softer Thursday oh yeah let me have some hot sauce please thanks a lot go telling crody cold chilling grody go tell aunt Rodie I I don't know the rest of that song either I just know bits and pieces but you know you know I said hot sauce but am I gonna complain no so worth it to drive a hundred feet to get hot sauce fuck it you know but I did say hot sauce okay now that I ate I'm gonna take Finan Home Depot I don't know what I'm gonna buy and I feel like I should buy something maybe I won't maybe I'll buy a red ball I think they have red ball in there so no I'm not really a fan of Pepsi but Taco Bell does not sell Red Bull finite what's the problem oh god I just love Christmas I love I love the holiday season I do it's a magical time of year jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open sleigh dashing through

the snow on a one-horse open sleigh over the fields we go laughing all the way ha ha ha silver bells silver bells it's Christmas time in the city ring-a-ding ring-a-ding it's Christmas time in the city Finn's already been in Home Depot so he should be a little bit more cool about it he was good last time little nervous a little excited let's see it's a porcupine got a Remy in the car by the way Remy's watching the car aren't you Remy he wants to go on a home depot with us but she can't she has to stay here I'm working I'm working Remy will hang out later okay all right she said she said that's cool but numpy before we go in hurry hurry Finn hurry hurry there he goes got to teach the dog the potty command fan he'll if your dog doesn't know the potty command they're not gonna heal properly they're just gonna be it's an indication that the dogs is nothing around okay look at giant collie the collie part defend the night since a good boy the Kiley's being naughty finis not here he's doing real good

he's four fucking months old I'm debating I really do think that I'm putting him on Amtrak we're going on Amtrak he's young but he is a service dog he I'm gonna have him pick up my keys or my glasses here in a second he's a physical assist dog I'm a gimp you know I'm not making anything up right Finn that's right sit heal better trained than the adult dog that I just saw in here that barked you know it's finning ttan fitting taneema ghee actually his name isn't McGee Finn is a citizen of Taiwan it's not my Guinea that would mean he was an a citizen of Ireland distracting the puppy service dog with a plan the Christmas music and Home Depot out the claim one that I know be home for Christmas you know whatever Christmas is a stupid time of year idiot man mistletoe suck my dick I'm a dog trainer sit look monster that shits garbage don't drink redbull is only drink anybody should drink it's finished doing great sit let's cook boy Finn down no down Prince sit no sit sir good boy the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me four calling Birds three

French hens two turtle doves in an asshole you know pear tree Vince doing pretty awesome though he'll yeah I think you can do him track he's pretty young I'm more worried about him doing something he won't bow deeply they don't have red bull in here they just saw monster so stupid three French hens two turtle doves in an asshole in a pear tree of course the idiot has to do the old hello popper routine you know you can't just ignore the fucking dog Home Depot asshole greater fucked up okay so we're headed back offended pretty good I score him about an 80 or 85 something like that I don't think I'd want to put him on Amtrak today I'd feel a little shaky about today but we have more time and I still have to get him on the subway so I'll probably stay in beaver dams and take it back to Home Depot tomorrow and maybe tractor supply again and then you know I can get them on the subway you know four times a day you sure you want to build the dog up to everything you know you know you want to build the dog up we don't want to overwhelm him I was thinking that I was gonna take him a Walmart now I'm like

nah take a moment for him in the yard so so that's the plan he did pretty good I think it'll be good to go enemies night I'll Drive down to Philly it doesn't matter what I was I would imagine we'll be fine say it's a baby