11 September 2019

DOG VLOG!!! How To Walk Your Dachshund | Cali The Dachshund!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for clicking on the video. This video is about me walking Cali and showing you how well she walked when she was 7 ...

and then your first card we say stop

good [Music] Wow good let's go sit vodka sit no no good guy that's better slowly slowly no no no no no no if we go slowly you will go slowly don't pull me no slowly Ali stop pulling I know you want to go no no we're not going to go like that fine background it's good job come slowly No slowly better slowly okay okay so that other dog dogs barking made it quite exciting good she tends to get a bit to get H and run away from the situation so I just wanted to sit there enjoy the moment a little bit just take it all in and just realize that nothing's going to happen she's going to be fine good guy wait push the cab we say stop good gap no sniffing on the road okay and room guys she is only eight and a half month old so I can she's doing really well for her age isn't that right Cuddy huh hello Kali [Music] focus come on [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Callie okay no good job come on Kelly fellas fellas fellas fellas fellas go just go to school is ma yeah [Music] let's go sniffing area what a sniffle you want now come on sniff sniff sniff time if you sleep alright let's see if this changes things I've lead this is why I want sure she gets a little bit distracted every now and then she's going straight back to me keeps looking at where I am he's checking I'm gonna keep trying to change directional stuff so golly come