27 January 2019

Dog walk #2

Dog walk on cold windy day.

hey guys and it's me I'll direct plays

I'm today we're on to this yeah I don't know this might yeah weird dog or cousin [Music] I this is a far way down my dad's just threw the ball down there for the dog you see down there [Music] it keeps eating it looks weird oh yeah [Music] you get that on video No [Music] yeah just slip under the branch above him so it was like liveable and got into the branch that's a nice view of all the houses it's got just now I was gonna show ya and yeah there's about five minutes left gonna walk I know this way I could ride my bikes down here sometimes but it's too steep for me that way so we go that way to get to the park [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] yeah sorry my dad's a bug record watch

out hat so I'm gonna see if this works does it work last time hopefully it works Oh getting it worked hey you know how the camera just turned thanks I'm doing it again coming down below if you see this in the video because I think it only works with my cart down below um cool of you hashtag cool of you if you see the cold stranger I wonder what this cool is gonna be is it blue yep it's blue so yeah I don't know how yeah okay so next color is probably is gold all right yes pink so guys we're just about bending around the corner that's the dog warning to us so hi to the viewers is a fast dog window Alcala gonna get this time pink what color next and pink again why do I keep getting pink pink again pink again I'm getting carried away with the color changer so yeah I'm just walking here this path behind me there's no path beside me but these go back sometimes and my dad's just bounce the ball over me I'm gonna do a preview on you on the swatch snacks so oh they don't just go

up the ball in this mouth-to-mouth keep it in a bunch don't hit mom my dog who keeps finding with the bull Hey [Music] mom have you been recording for you should stop and do another one um so we're about the bridge now yes so when I get home I'm gonna do a video hopefully at least my dad tries hitting the ball but I'm stealthy and so is the dog naturally I know the video next week yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 22:30 I'm at the bridge now [Music] [Music] it's like [Music] [Music] are you sure they're not bandages from the Second World War [Music] yeah pardon looks like a bandage [Music] so guys yeah so this is all your players sign now hopefully don't forget to like subscribe you notification about so you miss one of my videos and see you next

time this is all right please sign it out