26 October 2019

Dog walk 2 part 2

second part of that video where I do

your mushrooms guy very last time here she's been loads of mushrooms oh yeah no you honey mushrooms well you can but no [Music] no these are wild mushrooms I mean every make sure you got like that way or that way yeah we're in there before looks like something from like that's all or like that's horrible creatures tyrese top dog she's going on hi puffy shoes 0 1 n did you piss me off doesn't sound for what it that Matt didn't have a dog he was just loading his car - you did I'm so going twice you know I like down that way and then think so far I dunno hasn't done much fish jumping where she jumps in the bush yeah he's got them lumps on the floor thing [Applause] I'm gonna now not have mum - Marcus look and Noonan only runs into the voice remember that last yeah all the time Luna I let her mom got Luna from Harry Potter she's just caught look the dog after it didn't let anyone Houston make her name she just made a name for ourselves actually fits our loops loopy Luna papi we should we walked Lally as well yeah

sadly she's gone though huh but this is this spot should um um poppy on lolly when ya finish it off Luna uh she's peeing [Applause] I judge them in my head see ya