11 August 2019

Dog walk


[Music] so now I can see myself okay so I'm Mitch I became rich so you hold the deck of mine on top yeah see those but that is disgusting she could but it's broken so there's she hold her so there's the doggy yeah we're going on a walk that's about it yeah my aunt cut she pulled on the fence they're busted let's zoom in a little shaky where do you see a punishment that's not lime-green that's not green damn stupid book she's so cute told you it's white I told it last night on the box because of the bunnies and twirls weight is sooky sooky sooky okay Sookie set weight whatever you get a chance can I make her sit sit Ziggy Ziggy looks pretty good No that's our thing okay Sookie that side let's just turn you guys around and that's not no it's fine that she stays on the road about DC says that see that house all the way over there that house has a dog that we just saw here comes Sookie I'm gonna have to end it here guys actually now the house yeah that's the house that we saw that likes the

that has the dog and we have to go all the way down the street it looks so far but if i zoom all the way it just looked that far do you guys so let's end it here