11 August 2019

dog walk


[Music] so I am going to vlog like this evening or whatever I'm not going anywhere but I don't have anything to do so I'm just sitting around bored AF so like I'm just gonna really fast get dressed because I'm kind of like not in clothes that I would go out and so hey guys I am already mostly so we have to it so we're gonna go now I guess I'll just baby walk my dog or like walk around and do something I don't know I might do a bike vlog something like that just okay guys here we go come sit on a chair Chloe up here ready for your walk yeah not a walk in the wild while we wait oh well you are so eager oh wait whoa wait come on over here over here come on cough no over here Wow okay guys I'm gonna walk around for a bit off-camera cuz I need you all there were two hands bye doggy let's go Chloe let's go she's got it one of my few truth what if I don't like you to disrupt I like okay like really heart

[Music] [Music] what would you find yes I'm feeling what is it wait shorts camera shoots camera oh no no it's plastic Noah oh you got pick it up and be a good boy pick it up and be a good boy not that throw it away cuz it's trash trash back to the earth she just likes the girl here isn't it whoa calm down like panting I think I might give one of the other dogs turn my dog is crazy Paul you okay be back man she's running because Noah's chasing her with the bike I think we're gonna go get a different dog now crazy like a walking dog yeah blogging hey chicas over there Oh where'd you go although she is cheeky oh no no poor chica gonna get gonna get Chloe going she wants to get her look come on go huh come on boy I think we might go over get like luck Steve it's not too cold my rock wawk wawk sitting watching every walks are you really standing up on that thing cool careful you don't run in neurons mailbox get it of me and Kali okay guys um my brother had told the camera know what cool is behind the camera hi

I plan oh yeah I'm gonna walk tally instead of Roxy because Roxy super small Holly's like super big show them time i am howey husband i walk along hi Kelly okay so like I'm gonna try this mmm get another each of you and you and Callie Callie what why are you going Hawaii didn't Kelly don't don't smell the grass smelling the grass is like super fast [Music] where are we going to cuz the other dogs at the end of the street we don't want to bark at her cause she'll freak out like right there Mercedes I'm good in up close to you I'm trying to show than the spot what the spot we're going to and you just got and I just got it over your back Callie Callie hi you want my hand no please don't mess with my hand yeah we actually when we get to like that place over there okay I'm not giving up Yeah right there out Redhouse go back now max you hold the camera yes why okay fine I need next after is there another dog Mac I don't know me just pause it here okay got guys just kidding okay me we're going to my posit we're gonna like stay by for a minute we'll be

right back we're gonna walk yes wrote a couple more times we'll be right back okay