24 February 2019

DOG WALK + A SPECIAL GUEST IS HERE! 😱💛 | ADLvlogs | 24.02.19


so guys that's where we were last time but we have no Kenobi in theirs Oscar already [Music] Dillon floor is lava five four three two one well done this is where we were last time yeah little are you gonna fall off sky isn't taking much interest he just all the way over there she's getting Frieza he wants to go in so muddy you're in over here on the top let's go come cows oh he's not stupid he's gonna come over where are you oh you're trying to climb over there No Bonnie's over there wherever the other side of the pond let's go you going in oh yes he's going in trying to find more sticks we just it gone he's gone in it look he's in Oh and he jumped out he's decided to go over there no come back round some dinner let's go back in you trying to form find more sticks he's got brave let's go and get that one Oh lovely he just got us all soaking wet [Music] so like we've been walking for however

now and we're going back to find our tree when he came on our walk well you're a now beast huh that's why she is here right now so let's scroll to the bit of her logging but yeah granny what would you like I'd like to say that I am having a very nice walk the sun is shining the birds are singing the butterflies are out yellow ones of course what more could you ask for I will now hand you over to my granddaughter Lucy [Music] so this was the tree that we were in last time that trees are okay and yeah it was decided to come on well I mean everyone you got you got on cooldown Dylan granny now I'm gonna go hi guys I'm in the tree I'm Christopher D I compared to how hard you can actually I'm not tall enough to get that high but literally if I slip one rhymed fooling so now we're gonna end the vlog so hundred is a big thumbs up like subscribe and hit about we see you guys next time bye [Music]