10 September 2019

Dog Walk | Black Labrador | Walk with Me

in the building now I can go out for a

walk this lovely whatever day then one day this and what day it is well let's go we can go into the car are you gonna follow daddy follow mama follow mama we're gonna walk Papa please don't go for walkie yeah we're gonna take a walk around the neighborhood say hi to the world while we add it you guys stop and pee on your little wall not the stump you want that you want that water bottle well that's gonna play around a little bit phone got shot in the middle over [Laughter] hopefully gotta pay how you got a party I mean they gotta pay huh clear it feels good anything that means he's been coming out and peeing on time he's not GI Joe he's fine dig a hole up down here earlier you know what oh there's a hole down here he's trying to dig up earlier you gonna watch the traffic boy you better getting the grass he better getting the grass for a whoop that ass he's going towards the training he knows he's good if you are key you don't walk in he's naso so yeah well balling to make one shoe or looking at him like what the are

these did you get squirrel surrounding out there so you can get pregnant mom my own camera lovely walk with midnight okay see my little guys hey some woman down here they said uh she asked me she said are you talking to your dog to use the bathroom over here I said no I'm taking him to wander around around here and then she asked me she said do you live here I said yes I do about I mean I was nice about it was enough huh cuz you know me good like what your business is it you've owned this property like I know dogs walk around around here the angel walks around around here dose I need to walk around here don't see crazy and you know better trying to get a scuf please the Scott boy skunk you up know what it to you last time how you trying to grab a little piece of the skunk eNOS well you know better next thinking about taking a pody yes sorry day if smear will you smell smelling all the other doggies yeah each other walked up I'm into people's houses bro when he smells dogs and tries to walk up to the door Oh taking a piss on the tree line

that's alright good boy oh oh no you mean nothing ain't hard to find otherwise little turkeys be moving it over she survived walking with trash can over then you won't have all yes male everything know him oh he's looking at the blue line they're like what the hell is this how you doing Jody I'm just chilling taking the dog for a walk and already already had 11 percent me too like it you know what going the other way you got pine cones you want pack out but not you want back home you want pink oh you want pine cones eat it and get there pine cone you don't want it baby tomorrow now you don't want to stick either we own 10% let's go to the car let's go to the car [Music] Mama's car we're gonna call apartments right [Music] barely peed at Tom car well go to the carboy you know be careful don't trip already coming hate it coming you

may come oh well hey see see the crazy every light boat you got a piss on it crazy dog we go don't follow mama mom ma you don't play me like it literally just come down the street whoa so yeah [Music] [Music] but was about to die any minute any second look at our the foul this important [Applause] / - clover cause see the car go to the car go to the car go to the car to find a car look at that sign then our wall he's going to the car now let's see the car take these