14 August 2019

Dog walk canford heath

Decided to whip the camera out while walking the pooch hope you enjoy thanks for watching.

what you found anything good fox poop

this is a camphor thief and my dog Betty come on it's not a nice system whether it's always good to get out some fresh air a bit of exercise come on doggie go thirsty there's a lot of green a lot of fines and stuff Oh walking this way the dog does our business she'll get Chapman here we go off she goes it's getting quite old now getting a bit flat as well should we take her out more but little bit busy with work come on Doc there's a great big cow herd or something Oh Rhonda it's a bit of a view zoom in a little way basically see the whole town from here for once so so horrible weather maybe which I walk around over to over there and background went to the car come on dog camel left go left that way left yeah over there looks a little bit dryer stand down that I have a run round what is it here something what is it okay he's a good-looking dog let's go oh it's gonna be hot and sweaty and that car is really gonna be a bit wet right now everybody's gonna watch this video but that's why I'm making anyway them trees luckily I ain't getting to where I got a

nice hat on dogs getting soaking peaceful up in not much noise so yeah the wind and that's it come on dog let's make our way back to the car a lot if I can go everybody tells me she won't go for a walk in the rain but you go anywhere when I take her knows who's boss go on you go in front hichy already done it so I think I took the wrong path I can't remember being here I would take a long time to come we used to braid BMX mountain bike sitting here it was a youngster a long time ago that way it's even some dirt ramps over there I think just just about see it try that this grant McGill grab on dog pretty sure this is the way no it's back down this way doc come on want to go down here sort of going back a bit worse well what you found I'll get far away I come on yeah obviously come flying down here on their bikes looking straight over that ramp that's me doing that nowadays just hope that ain't a foxhole there check it out real quickly I think it is they dug down he's the

world out for a ramp dumpster savory be in the road no anyway back sorry for keep filming the floor I ever tell you look brand to see where the dog is a dropper camera come on donut we're getting back to let's see the main road there now and a brick and again now where do we get over there you should be up around here obviously got ourselves lost it way you don't take this jacket off can't even I'm do it with one hand have you dudes if killing me you're probably going to end the video here because just said a battery warning flasher but 5% so give you a quick spin around where I have yeah my dog good girl come on well I hope you liked this video doubt anybody's going to watch it but thanks