13 February 2019

Dog Walk Chat


he folks how's it going in the dog walk as you can see had a knee meeting last night which was nice to get to wasn't particularly earth-shattering in any kind of way but you know it's a place I can go in and talk in a safe place I got to one on Tuesday afternoon as well so I've gone from eight months perhaps of no meetings at all I'm at two meetings a week now there's another one well choose the afternoon is meeting the end product which next week as you know will be the 25th so it's going to be open I shall try and get there but have a stressful day only another three days of work to cool it's not quite as mad but it's still mad enough to be completely unpleasant and it's all destroying and we're off to the main line tonight so we're closing it for and I'm really concerned about what the queues gonna be like because we have to close in cash up and get out by 4:00 my wife will be on our own because I have to go and get the kids from school and get the house ready pack up the dogs and pack up the carrots make sure that they've got enough food etc and then go and pick my wife up and go straight to the ferry but then should be a happy occasion because the reason

we're going is my daughter's pleading and the brass band on the mainland a festive Corso so we're really looking forward to eating her that coin sir so that would be our moment of joy followed by all four of us in a single hotel room and then up at 5:00 to catch the ferry at 7:00 get back to the island for eat get the kids off the last year school and my wife is facing a monster deadline on Friday so she'll probably be a wonder she will she maybe I'll actually certain working that with children which would be unpleasant for them but her depends I think a wife I have it imagine so buddy I'd late see but on the home stretch but well not really I think Saturday will be the home stretch Saturday were open 1/2 D and then we're going out for for lunch better take my employee out for lunch even though we can't afford it because that's what's expected isn't it so we'll have to do that and then they must be we've got Monday we're open on Monday for a half-day but that's gonna be a daddy just by then to truly to push the innocent so nice we die I'm not a terribly exciting video for today you forgive me looking to hit my feet I'm trying to keep out the mud I'll show you

the mud and the dogs the dogs love it they don't care I've got good boots on but I'll be splashing my jeans all up and down I know this is my concert clothes for tonight anyway that's me for today but actually work for a bit and then home to get organized see you tomorrow [Music]