15 August 2011

DOG WALK! Day 296.

Hi guys! What a great day to actually finish the office in :) and taking my parents dog for a walk in our little forest :)

oh my god guys look it's dear it's not

raining yeah oh and there's not very windy either I might be able to go fly my plane but I want to show you something someone's asleep oh you notice leave are you Sally hello oh she's been sleeping all morning yes you have did you go for we shoul D and a poo hmm no tired leave me alone it is lovely here peaceful inquired no little puppy biting my ears all the time she's got a bunny and a piglet ya know you're getting old silly as funny sound isn't it mm-hmm cliffy look she's getting old lovely yeah you want to go for we shortly are we in the poo I'm going to take her out to the forest which is just over six though yes we go now shoulders you might as well wake up she been sleeping all morning and then you get some breakfast yes i'll look for the day when I can have a dog at me I am allowed to have a dog that's the best bug yeah I've been sorting out some old stuff not much reading since last night but um yeah um but I'm looking for this I'm missing some stuff is it on it down as I movie I'm missing some stuff I can't find it and I'm looking in here to see Wow exactly warm in here in his day room but I can't find it I know where it is that

is so annoying I'm missing a box which got my it's noted something Mitch me I'm missing a box which got my pencil case and nothing to get pizza pencil holders and some lipo batteries and such really really really annoying where I can find it I think I've it anywhere silo and those cuz we look through all that Oh where's my stuff among all this crazy stuff here um what's down here come on guys give me a hand oh that's bathroom starting there um no here nope that's close over here no that's all boxes and all cluck so you go on these I bought that new york so it's got a little thing flicking back and forth between that and shows that something up there ah why kind of fine last stop of mine hmm that's annoying because I want to find the batteries so i can charge them and as she go and try the swift um cuz i'm going to put my own receiver on it and then work offline when put my own receiver on it and go to sow I know it's windy outside today but these winds flies in quite windy conditions so that's a real problem there's no pencil case down here either mmm where is it I can't find it I'm going to go nuts if I can't find it sit down here note this

table to the tables and cables and old apple stuff not old Apple suffer apple stuff Apple gear in there nothing this box either no guys I need to I need to leave you for a couple minutes cuz i need to find it I want I want to find my stuff she's holding yep this is the same area it's a very small little tiny forest I mean I can look at any almost anywhere around but it's nice having this little place trees that's the old trees where is almost dead inside because there's no like getting down here but it's lovely having this little place here so close to home that means gotta be nice little force take our doctor whenever I get one mm-hmm I hope you get one next year when i get the house till I don't want to get a dog until the house is completely done this here is a nice little path as well why like this one it's like a circle and it got a small little path out to different things you be careful that someone left the glass bottle or cracked over they but this one is nice you should walk out here your little pond that explains all the mosquitoes we have but as lovely here can you see the fishes out there no you can't really see

them but they're a lot of small little black fish are they I don't know what they are so yeah this is nice beautiful isn't it and just on the other side that's a little village church kind you can't probably see the tower because its widest blending where you can see the windows a beautiful little area hmm you like that do you yes you got some sleep in your eyes are going to wipe that off when I'm home see that's what i would say here it's a perfect place to make a swing over the water so now show you guys a little bit about the surroundings I got a little forest why not mine but his share for the town it's just lovely here and it'd be nice little getaway every day yeah Sally's it's been enough for a while she can't walk very far she's very bad shape mum and dad never takes it for really long walks and such like that she's overweight very old weight and she's getting on with age and she got some some bad joints and stuff which makes her she can't walk too long and too long distances so lonely short walks I'm taking care of her for the whole week which is great it's nice having a little bit of company so by that I got bug in my mouth either it's

great to have a little bit of company and she's really really nice she's a lovely dog um I just she's gone very quiet having you you've gone very quiet yes you have she miss you little a little sister on you yes you do but my parents decided that you're on you would on holiday because son is getting on now and they'll thing will be too much for her with both runya and Sally because running is just a little bomb of energy she's got so much hyperactivity but she's still a puppy that's why she's got all the energy what we'll just finish off here shortly and walk shortly back home don't take two minutes within the next door and then I'll try see if i can find my stuff I'm missing it might be somewhere I'm sure it is alright see it like you say and see you later see you later I see you later will you see me later I'll probably see you later now if you see me first but yeah i know i'm weird I'm silly I'm stupid so yeah yeah but look it's not raining and it's brightening up and there's the bench so I'm gonna send that a hopefully salad will do her business see ya alrighty guys success I cleaned the office so I cleaned out

cleared it and yep now it's nice and tidy and all my stuff packed away and stitch it's all down a drawers nicely so I've got all the charges and stuff from RC there and down here's some electrical stuff plus some things for my gaming here while my games I'm all my dvds the stereo told TV is connected I got that down there and my playstation charger I've got my fat boy camouflage in here I got my two BOTS and I expect that both will go up here on the wall next to the window so I'll see if I can find a Bishop mound resume loathsome way ever again in the mountains up there nicely both of them I got my electric guitar in here in the corner but broke a string sadly because I grabbed it wrongly by my hand I haven't been playing this for a while but i'll probably get our strong change and start again and my unit here i got dumb when i'm looking to a car and the losi remote control is that for that car empty picture frame one of my ex okay there's just a little bit of tools and such this is some flyers some stuff I haven't really found a room for yet and up here on the very top my dx6i and my dilemmas are I don't know if that's

going to be defining Bristol resting place and of course a bigger boat tool yay so it looks all nice and tidy I got my RC work tool box down there and probably put it inside a closet and got my rubik's cube there and yes guys for those who don't know I can solve these I'm not a very quick I could do a normal method and I found my true old Technic dudes are they cool I won't look like Chucky from child's play yeah then I got mrs. Spitfire the back and they're actually the board Leon they got magnets under the feet so the board its magnetic look you can do an ollie all ready for it yay so yeah and the desk is nice assorted I took apart my little truck ESET truck because my customers Bush driving it and since I didn't close off the battery cover I don't have a battery cover I use a leaper better for it so a little bit of sand corn got into the engine or the gears and you cross my opinions so I had to get some new ones i'm actually ordos at the moment they're very cheap so yeah short up here this is still paperwork and my wallet and such and there's the ipad down here still empty so I'm playing room there here is whoops more chocolate poor bought these

for me today and this is the box where I keep the receipts for my train card when every time I by a train car I get receipts and I need to keep those for tax reasons because they probably come and say oh you don't live that far we want to see some receipts for the traveling to do because I get a very good tax relief from from having the train fare so which is so expensive in here's more RC tools and stuff another bag of sweets and down to the final draw some stuff I use now and then my training gear for my helicopter little bit of cables my headphones for when I go to work and down here it used to be some of these some wipes for cleaning your screen and such but I just emptied it put it all kinds of sleaze stuff down here stuff I don't really know where to belong so good story three so yeah that we have a guy's my office is done also change a little bit out in the kitchen see a nice little table here two chairs looks a bit more cozy got a candle going a little bit plans in the window yeah it's dark outside pitch black and you can see male and we got Sally down here it's just gonna be ghost I hello Ghost Dog what are you looking

at you see something is any ghosts except your eyes Sally ooh scary dog dunno yeah well it's it it's all them got all this junk away it got a small table here got closet up there mounted to the wall starting putting stuff in which is nice and over here I clear down there as well which is your big load of junk is still a box there and i got these closets covers up here and i put some stuff in there as well these are not the final plays is going to be right i just needed somewhere to put it you've got some stuff in there as well and some more stuff glassware and such and pasta up the top but these are not going to be mounted fully there and they are murder for now but hopefully win a while we can get them find provocation to install to be much better so yeah it's coming on it's coming on all right ya gotta see a more of me today but you all tomorrow are working tomorrow night very late I don't start at about nine-thirty so I got the whole life day at home actually and then have to go to work late so yeah when I guys I'll see you later and take it care i will probably now take mine my xbox install out there or you're my ps3 and

then i connect to TV and probably play little the gaming and for those of you who wanted to know what my gametag is both of an xbox and ps3 it is DJ Mackey and like this DJ ma kk y so if you want to find me just everyday i want you i'm not a big gamer and I'm not very good at it I just doin doin darlin so I'll see you soon I