02 March 2019

Dog Walk Diary 20190302

In today's walk I talk about my own challenge for March: what I'm going to do and how it fits in with my big dream in life. I'm also giving some tips about what first ...

good morning everyone this is Claudia

your fairy godmother ed spell your life it's Saturday morning it's tiny bit gray and see you there behind me not the most beautiful of morning's we had during this week but it's dry and that's always a plus the ground isn't so if I make a sudden disappearance it's because I slipped hopefully that won't happen although it might be quite entertaining Dortch so yesterday I set you a challenge and you might have seen it also on the on the insta feed that I'm hoping that you will come with me on this journey in March or finding your purpose and getting yourself closer to that dream life that you have always thought about in the back of your mind that you might have not allowed yourself to think about so for me my my own personal challenge this month is and it won't surprise is finding a house so for me that is going to get me closer to my overall dream of this type of life and the type of lifestyle I want to I want to have it for myself for my dogs for my family and friends to come visit and so I'm really excited I've seen a couple of properties already I've put the word out so people are looking and I'm also

looking at another property today and by the pictures it does look like it could be the one but I'm not gonna tell you anything more so I don't want to jinx it and now it does look good well I will have to obviously pictures can be deceiving at times and on that note I truly look like this so what is your challenge what is the challenge you set yourself which is just a tiny step towards that goal and let's talk about it drop me drop me a message if you will and if you have any questions on how to make that step maybe you have a goal that you want to I don't know lose have a million pounds in your bank account now that might be if you're already at nine hundred fifty thousand and you might be able to achieve the million at the end of March if you're not quite there yet then maybe it's time to think about a smaller step on what you could do to start that million off because every million starts with the first pound doesn't it and so one one tip that I'm just going to give you right here right now is from from any earning that you make take an amount could be 10% if it's possible feasible I'd take 5% take 10 quid whatever and

put it in a different bank account that is not attached to your usual bank account do that and over time you will start building up that wealth that you generally don't dip into so that is one thing how to how to ensure that your mind is on board as well because your mind will know subconsciously sometimes consciously that you have at the back of you so there is no need to worry about money and one of the biggest inhibitors of this type of growth that the abundance mindset and all that is our disbelief that we are not worthy of having that money that we're not good enough to be able to achieve those sort of income levels and so having that separate bank account that you don't access but that you just pay into once in a while or every month regularly however you want to that is really helping to change that mindset mindset and change that believe that you can actually do that so that's just one tip obviously there are many other goals in life they are not all connected to money and so if there is anything I can help you with do let me know drop me a text and also just let me know what you are working on I'd really love to know

have a wonderful Saturday I am going to see the pointer pointer today I'm excited first true racing so if I see you there then I see you there and if not have a lovely weekend and I'll see it again tomorrow