09 September 2019

Dog Walk Episode 3 - Spirit The Dog

This episode is about my dog on her adventure to social with other dogs. To see her confidence off the leash. Also a promotional video for My Band and T-shirt ...


yo what the is up guys is episode three dog walking are my dog right now we in the part about the lights and on fire and then see what it looks like on black and white and you're gonna see some footage of my dog running around and um yeah get at me episode 3 some kebab crowd back from that photography and we out here tried to set a fire and as you can tell that didn't work out for me now I'm healing my dog we're just chillin so today I'm just gonna be letting you guys know what we got coming up as as the Vantage hearts for battle so I'm gonna ban hardcore thrash hog for a punk little bit of black metal come here a little you know to me a little we're very heavy so we got shows coming up I'm gonna put the link to our Facebook and our Instagram so you can see the Flyers when they're coming up and then from the the intro clip that you saw before when we started the video I was wearing teeth grinder printings so if you want to get t-shirts those are the guys you go to i'm gonna have a link to their facebook in the description below as well those are good homies they probably

either meet this i'm not sure there's an urban relationship alright um yeah so that's what that's what i'm doing today I went to just came to the park check it out I'm just putting my dog in so that's all there is to it so probably next you'll probably see like a lot of b-roll on my dog running I'm having fun and so let's cut to that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what's up boys I want all you guys to like coming and subscribe I'm just waking up I wished I finished this yesterday but I did so like comment subscribe and comment about what you saw with my dog interacting with other dogs should I add that more things of that nature

and all in the description there's gonna be the links to the band Facebook to a teeth grinders printings Facebook and then hopefully I see you guys at Friday's show it's really fun it's a trams American pop check out the podcast check out the charts for battle with YouTube channel no no