19 October 2018

Dog walk. October 19, 2018

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it's Tober 19th 2018 it's before 6 a.m.

still pretty dark as you can see come on you guys well we just passed the pitbull puppy house and that didn't go very well I don't know if you can see it but off in the distance we have some red coming through that's the sunrise no cause for alarm well yesterday was kind of busy around the house spread a bunch of rocks in the morning that makes extending my I'm adding a parking area to my driveway so I got a couple loads of rock in the head and spread them that's always a blast then I started picking avocados I ended up with three and a half buckets so I'll be giving those away I'll probably I probably have another two or three buckets to go off from this one tree and I'm actually trimming the tree because it's out of control so I'm actually cutting the branches and then getting the avocados off those oh oh okay they're sleeping that's good and when it comes to avocados I determine it's time to pick them when not only when they start to cork but when they start to fall so even though they're not all the way ripe I want to get them off the tree so the rats don't get them

I still have some more spreading of the rocks to do oh they're the boys boy Griffin lights up really good not sure if you Goliath alright that's long enough not sure if you caught some agates gabe's videos where he's talking about Leilani estate section 1 section 2 but I'll delve into that a little bit section 1 is on the upper end of Leilani estates and we are not part of the homeowners association so we pay no dues we don't have to follow any of their stupid rules we don't have paved roads and that's okay Goliath but I guess from the get-go there's been tension between us and them and now I think they have plans of blocking section 1 from going down the roads into section 2 isn't that lovely actually putting up aa barricades I find it also hilarious tension drama actually drama but here's a really hilarious part one of the persons that hates me the most will now have to drive past my house every time they want to leave I just find that hilarious Wow brother nice moves Goliath

these dogs are trying their best to tangle me up but this new handy to anything won't allow it it's fantastic oh let's see stuff is still steaming where the lava flows occurred and I suspect they'll be doing that for months several months still producing a little bit of sulfur dioxide not much but you can still smell it a little bit when I drove down there yesterday and still saw some more people moving back so that's fantastic what are you looking at Goliath I also talked to a couple guys that will chicken fight that parked at the end of the road and had to hike into his place and do some maintenance so that was a cool conversation and they do have permission [Music] we're not done yet come on I have to lieth what do you think Grif mm-hm oh the shift changes occurring as we speak birds are starting to wake up and frogs are starting to go night-night yeah looks pretty cloudy up there that's nice it looks like the boys are ready to go back let's go back one Griff you took too long lost your opportunity

ah smells nice and fresh up here today it's about mmm 70 degrees a little breeze mm-hmm-hmm-hmm come on the roadblock is still in place at the entrance of Leilani estates I think I mentioned this before but rumor has it the county will stop paying for that the 1st of November so it'll be interesting to see what happens Thanks all done he's never walked on that grass for as long as he just did know what's going on and hear what's what's going on Goliath I know that there are pigs here and there hmm there's a big OB or something on one of those yellow flowers I have no idea what those things are [Music] all right well that's all I have well it's $5 Friday I won't be participating today I went last week and stocked up nicely so I hope everyone enjoys your Friday Saturday and other parts of the world oh let's say goodbye you guys we're Goliath Goliath hey hey you're gonna say goodbye hmm

yeah I took a boy Griffin say goodbye Aloha