18 April 2019

Dog walk part 2

hi guys what's all today it's dog walk

part - I don't know when this is gonna be uploaded we we've come to today she's gonna be come for today Jamie decided that he's come number one sorry she came up with the idea we're not revealing name or face face with Villa 50,000 subscribers Jamie at one thousand cuz you know and then the mystery camp well just call you come just call you cam and then that's Jamie so you are come and that's Jamie yeah but he's the Cameron Munter so come we're are we off to the same place Pedro again so we'll see you guys today guys we just took the green we're just gonna do some waffling with Pedro and today we were here with camp and her little brother [Music] so yeah we'll see you there you playing football with the dog we only got a body shot off cam no face reveal yeah I can do I'll make sure I don't get up just don't like crouch down Bailey remember is cam he's called come right these guys are crazy [Music] so we'll just record the whole Wayne

chat so got calm behind the cameras a hike up we got Bailey we got Reginald fumble excuse me can comment below what our name for the react series should be some would not read called hands on me come so much that car that has some potential pond guys don't know you about the face field just leave her alone yeah okay we feel about that salsa fee george's hanover who's holding petrol who need what the world has come to I like come on intern but you know well we killed Friday for your probably next week so this should be coming out on Friday to open Saturday okay just have this it's probably on Thursday probably okay guys so yeah I mean awesome I don't on the video for tomorrow we're gonna make for us tomorrow so the first day or saturday don't know about Sunday's video we've got next week's schedule three people so guys it's me papa yeah political talk was come on that Alfie and no one like she's just trying to subscribe for another three minutes oh yeah wow that's come come

we've got ready to come for Jamie this is adventures patron with a different name for dog walk different names for different types of videos oh yeah you guys yeah that's a big Bush Mike it's a tree no screams you need political talk time I don't know what wheel cut from not as good without its point right as I said go tell Jack that unemployed people but they don't seem to work to get to the booty call I'll tell some other jokes now and stop milking the cow jokes yeah in fact I figured B be able to chicken what did what did the tree got made posters I mean what was the cheese you who made posters name a four [Music]