10 September 2019

dog walk part 2

pardon me so negotiating a path through

this society as an ex-con especially one with you know the stain that I have to bear for the rest of my life which is okay I don't care and make any difference in me I wasn't so much appalled by my reception out here I was appalled by the people when I was on the inside I had watched or I didn't watch but you know I I had heard and read what little bit that I could get my hands on about Ruby Ridge and Wako bill Cooper and all those other guys right and when I realized or at least surmise what had happened to these people and the reasons behind it I was anticipating some kind of a reaction a response from you know the people of this nation I mean even if it was just a few nothing not a whimper snarl single act brought a station rebellion nothing nothing nothing nothing so his I'm had been negotiating my way through this foul society I was intelligent enough to stay as far away as I could from these people out here because there was something wrong with them they are all rats cowards drug addicts alcoholics deviants degenerates I was hard pressed to even discover one decent person out here even one that had

any integrity or any sense of right or wrong justice injustice and trying to work out here as an ex-con is damn near impossible damn near you know the jobs that I would get I would take anything because I was never a criminal to begin with I was just criminalized and I was not going back to prison maybe for killing another child molester I could see that happening again I've wanted to but I've had to restrain myself because even though I might like my game tells me my wife she says dawn even if you were to go on a rampage and kill every child molester that you could find you kill one of them five more stand up to take his place and as much as I railed against that assertion of hers she was right she was right anyways to make a very long story short I had to go as far away as Canada or I'm sorry Canada Canada wouldn't even let me cross the border but I ended up finally getting up to Alaska where only people like me can find work without being asked to do criminal to enrich their employers see when I would work for people and I did I worked for a lot of people out

here but except for one they were all feeds and they figured this guy's an ex-con you know he'll steal for me to keep his job yeah no I don't think so I've actually ended up hurting people out here for asking me to do things like that and I guess they thought that the cops would protect them well guess what anyways my wife and I we decided we're going back to the res to get away from that unbelievable evil and stupidity and apathy and cowardice of our countrymen and we've been here ever since watching working but it's a hard thing to watch even when you're a million miles away from everybody and everything [Music] saij Arizona I don't know what it's going to take and I don't think anything is really gonna come up of what I think anyway or what I would do if I could do it all on my own I would I've I've I don't pray meaning I don't ask for anything for myself when I pray I know how to suffer useless usefully as opposed to suffering uselessly I know how to endure so I don't ask Jesus for anything but one time I did one time I said to Jesus will you please let me

have power for 24 hours just for 24 hours the kind of power that will allow me to move across the globe and execute every child molester every human trafficker every murderous an evil politician banker and lawyer please Jesus grant me this one the one and only desire of my heart let me have that please for 24 hours nobody will know me not because I'm afraid I'm not looking for glory I'm not looking for any of that crap that men lust after I'm only looking to put an end to the most terrible evil ever and that is the rape of innocence and these people in this country go far beyond just raping the innocent they torture them violate them murder them eat them I eat all the choice parts you know livers hearts pituitary glands brains even bone and the rest they distribute into the human food pop human food supply Wow and the people of this nation stand by unaffected unmoved I am just this is just me venting or an ting I guess because I know that nothing will turn the hearts of this nation to do anything that's remotely right they will only do what's safe popular profitable the only thing that moves them well for the few

of you out there that might be listening count on now I guarantee you this country the country the society of America assume to be annihilated this beast cannot continue reaving and raping across the world sucking lifeblood in the fat from every living thing every living person well one of the the hell when I when I frame this one of the benefits I guess or advantages rather a Bing who I am I don't have any fear of government I don't care about their death they come around here and they'll find himself in a hole in the ground quick we don't play that out here feds know who I am they tailed me for five years after I got out of the joint and there's reasons for that that I won't go into but they were convinced that I was going to be making moves waste of time even my Dame got to experience the feds surveilling me even years after that because of some videos that I had made calling for revolution I dared them so come to my house I'll kill you all I'll kill you back first I am NOT your slave I do not recognize your courts or your authority or your laws or mandates

the only thing that I recognize and abide my life by is the golden rule that's it I said I am a natural man who applies himself to natural law not the laws of men not at all I am an outlaw oh yeah and we don't tolerate evil here we don't tolerate any drug dealers or deviants oh yeah if you knew what it was and what it's like out here you'd understand and that's our world we have no influence out there but don't come here because no one's afraid of death and I wish that what we know here was known everywhere in this country all right then I'm gonna take my dogs back and leave my thoughts open-ended for now and I reckon I'll talk to y'all later be well to be safe hold fast