07 November 2018

Dog Walker Diaries #20 - Blexit

To me Blexit is just bleh. #Blexit.

hello and as we could see it's starting

to get a little bit cloudy I don't know anyway I guess the topic for today is about this black thing now for those who don't know which I'd be surprised it's kind of like brexit you know where Britain is exiting the Ukraine you know except it's it's about black people exiting the Democratic Party mainly I just want to talk about what's wrong with this now you know we have people that are telling black people get off that's a minute that the Democratic plantation all that stuff but you're pretty much telling them well okay before I say that here's a disclaimer I'm not black I'm Hispanic I know nothing about black people struggles or problems the only thing my knowledge is limited to what I see on the media on YouTube and what I've read in books that's all okay so if anybody has anything to say I already put it out there now then the whole get out of the Democratic plantation so you're telling me you want black people to go from one Massa to another that's how black people are going to redeem themselves somehow just by trading masses good job

Lamont good job very good job that is the one thing I see wrong with that movement they think that by going to the Republican Party it's going to be different they're going to be more independent in it being more welcomed that their needs would be met it's break it to you but no they will not it's a cycle for now yeah the Republicans have half the logic they have the facts on their side they have everything on their side but eventually it's going to be the Democrats turn again and wouldn't that be something so yeah whoa there's another dog it's alright oh okay sorry about that he's actually a friendly dog alright that's fine good luck with that come on ty there geez being trained don't interrupt the dog in the middle of this training don't be rude all right so that's the first problem I have you're pretty much trading masters [Music] well they are the second problem I have with it is that it seems like a really

consistent like here's the thing it's like gamergate like gamergate used to be like it's just it was a consumer revolt you know they wanted ethics in journalism anything came well how can i market it how can I make money off of this movement and eventually the spirit of the movement was lost sure you know they got they helped get Gawker out of business they've done some things for charity and stuff but for the most part it was just it was just a mark it was just a battle to see who which people which people can mark it off of it so that's kind of what it especially when you know one of them Candace Owens he was the one who did the social autopsy and people are giving her high praise I mean look I'm look I'm willing to forgive people's past as much as the next person but not her she want to do something Orwellian she has no regret she says and I sort of get where she's coming from with that all right let's not mess up the plants too much like I said I sort of know where she's coming from when it comes to the whole no regrets thing because you know if she hadn't done this then she wouldn't have

been a conservative blah blah however come on people it's a black mark really big black mark one well Conn not intended so please just plus you know they used up Kanye West now I don't like him that much never listen to his music but he was used every black person that could make oh that could pretty much market themselves off of the blacks a movie was using Kanye West that's right dog and he saw that and he's like well I'm gonna bail on this what happened people got mad they blamed her they blamed everyone they got mad at Kanye for distancing himself from this flex it movement and all can associate was sell t-shirts with logos about blacks about blacks it ie you see the problem with it I would respect the movement more if it was more about just you know letting black people like telling black people hey you don't have to think like a democrat or republican you could think the however way you want nope instead kanye west decided i'm gonna distance myself from this movement and what happened a lot of the people that support him got angry with him for distancing himself from it and they got

mad at other people instead of respecting what the movement was which is to tell black people that they don't that they're humans they are they're able to think for themselves they don't have to follow the democratic party there were other options for them no they got mad at kanye west which kind of defeated the whole purpose of you know respecting his decision to do what as he pleases see I think it's just I think the black sea movement is just going to be a short-lived movement then again you know I'm not in the black community maybe in the black community it's it's still going to be a big thing over there but but but the bigger picture is it's not going to last very long it's not going to do much it's just going to be there as a marketing tool for black youtubers to market themselves and become even more prominent within the movement and like I said I'm all for you know black people people of any race having their own minds coming to an informed decision on their own about things not having to cater to what everybody else thinks I'm all for that don't get me wrong I'm not I'm not

saying that they shouldn't do this I'm merely saying they should look for another movement or another or another subsection of the community other than blacks it to be able to make an informed decision and that's how it should be then no instead we're just witnessing the second coming of deemed gay except this time it's all about exploiting black people and for what just to say oh I switched masters oh this master let me think I ever I want it is so sad I mean look if there was a Hispanic version of this I wouldn't even know what it would be called I don't what I wouldn't care about what it would be called I'd be saying the same thing I'd be saying all si Senor vamanos a caveat hey this is the jefe must be hard I it's just the hump stop with this please stop I'm tired we're all tired just think for your god damn selves already I guess I'm more I guess when I get sick I'm more angry but please just think for yourselves you don't need movements to tell you how you should think or to make you realize that there's another way just find it yourselves

stop giving in to these movements because up because we often than not these movements are gonna try to make a buck from you and when that happens and when it dies down you would have lost not only your money but your pride let it be known I was somewhat a part of gamergate I did some bad things but I was somewhat apartment and ice perked out early I'm glad Isis burnt out early because when I got banned from the reddit from the reddit forums or the subreddit guess what I was able to look at it from the outside in and I realized oh I should be glad I got banned ice perked out early and I am glad I did so that way I can look at these movies from the outside in and now I'm seeing the same thing with this I'm seeing the same cracks appear with this Blackson movement please black people think for yourselves just stop okay you don't need to switch masters just come to an informed decision on your own if you like the Republican Party because you know you were more informed great go to the Republican Party if you like the Democratic Party because you're worse

because you feel like they'll serve you better and you made an informed decision wait do it I'm not gonna be angry nobody should be angry if you wanna be independent great perfect and yeah that's really all I have to say until next time well of course I have to get cited look at the cameras and the video it's alright oh yes all right see you later