11 January 2019

Dog Walker Diaries #42 - Government Shutdown

I just talk about the government shutdown. #ShutItDown #BigThingsSmallGovernment.

it looks like it's gonna get just the

tea but the tagged or not that much let's talk about the government shutdown so I'll do I think of it I don't think it's gonna I don't think people that much is gonna be affected by the government shutdown I mean I still have access to this Park I still have access to a lot of other stuff so at least in my state I don't think on that you're eating the leaves aren't you little savage so I don't think it matters that much I think people are panicking over nothing I remember the last government shutdown what happened nothing nothing really happened I think it's just I think it's just card that Donald Trump is playing in order to be sure the Democrats fold and get that wall up and you know judging by the stuff that he's done I don't think he's bluffing I don't think you anybody should trifle with him I think he's will you do whatever it takes to get his way now I could be wrong and he will hold but for the most part I think he will do whatever it takes together whether it's the declared a national emergency or whatever it takes he will do everything his way now in my for the wall well I mean yes and no like that yeah it's great because you

know all of us have walls around their houses you know we all have doors and locks and stuff you know the rich the rich people the rich Democrats and Republicans were against the wall probably live in a gated community with security guards and stuff so why doesn't America have those go fund me but see maybe this one oh it's the way that there are feel free to go fund me by and they're you know they're willing to pay millions to the wall but at the end of the day I don't think it's going to matter the walls going to be much more expensive than that I mean people are forgetting well it's not only good cost which is much higher the forgetting overhead all right come on I don't know what you see in there no come on stop so like I said I don't know I don't know think about there's there's overhead you know employees maintenance you know you know you could damage the wall I don't know if Ruby Dee counts as damage I mean to save money I would say don't repair the graffiti just you know do that and there's also not a lot of return on investment because like nobody's gonna make money off the wall like the people

who are gonna pay for through tax they're not making a return on that investment they're putting into the wall like what's the return on investment going to be oh they'll be less pee they'll pay less illegals in here okay that's fine we're losing less money but we're not gaining any money like there's it like there's a difference between losing less money and gaining money yeah we're gonna lose less money because then we'll have more jobs for Americans but we're not gaining any of that money back in fact it's gonna be it's gonna be stinky being and for that wall until 2 no generate old I guess 11 generations later I I don't know but there's that so so yeah I mean if we could get the wall built cheaply and it'll still be strong then perfect I'm all for it like I don't mind having zero return on investment but it looks to me like this is gonna be some elaborate thing where there's not a return on investment I want the money [Music] so yeah let's go back to the government shutdown does it do anything no and I think people are and I think relying on

government doing things for them but yeah I think there are too many people who are dependent on the government and you know they're too dependent on government giving them jobs and stuff yes hold on I want to see this view the government shuts down they're out of work and that lies and I get it it's hard to find a job these days even if unemployment is down it's still hard to find jobs trust me I know I've I know I've tried to interview for tons and tons of jobs like every checkpoints I'm not that good of an interviewer so soon so yes I know I can relate but you know you can't can't rely on the government it says you are stellar it's just missing to you so yeah you have to stop so that's probably what's gonna make or break like like this shutdown usually separates the men from the boys and the boys are usually the ones who work for the government or non-essential employees now imagine if we had those people working in private sectors I saw them working as like data centers for the government they work as data centers for some financial company wouldn't that be better or if the government just hired

like like a private firm to do their finances and then if the government shut down then it wouldn't be that much of a consequence on the no instead people are relying on government ain't they work for the government and like I said I get it jobs are hard to come by that's why [Music] he'll take a blue call to take a blue-collar job instead like like electrician or something I don't know because you're not just limited to repairing so do I think the government shutdown is a big deal no we've weathered the last one we can weather this Milic people that are afraid of those that work for the government and those that want to create a microcosm of fear based around dollar really oh my god the government doesn't function people are gonna starve people are gonna go crazy and also people that are trying to fear monger when really everything is fine here I mean I could be wrong I'm not the most informed person when it comes to government shutdowns but I have weather too but we weather two of them and like I said Donald Trump is just

using this as a ploy to get Democrats to fold and say okay let's get a wall obviously I've said my opinion on the wall we're ready this way come on tie this give my D so yeah I don't think it's a big deal I don't think people have to worry I think the only people don't worry are those that work with the government and I think those people should have should just find jobs at the private sector Mansa now rely on government to give you everything because the more you rely on on somebody to give you something the more dependent you are and and the more it will kill your soul because if you don't get that something from someone then you'll probably think that it's your fault or or you'll get mad but you can't do anything because that person still gave you job and yes that's a blue ball but it doesn't belong to you you're not taking that home no Lomo in there so yeah that's really all guys see it with the government shutdown until next time I'll guess I'll see you later ty look at the camera Ty Ty Ty Ty there you go good boy now let's just shut this damn thing off forget once plane