14 March 2019

Dog Walker Diaries #68 - The Hero Complex

I talk about the hero complex and how it makes people truly selfish. #EveryoneWantsToBeAHero #YouOnlyFeelGoodWhenIDo.

hello and whoa snowing

don't we just love that snow someone sigh let's go we're gonna have to wait the car's gonna pass through here so let's talk about the hero's Savior complex I think it's pretty relevant to talk about right now okay that's fine let's pass through quickly all right good pass through a little bit quickly now then as I was saying let's talk about the savior euro complex I know that in a few in a few of the videos I made I talked about how everyone wants to be the hero of their own story and people want to naturally be generous you know like if we could help someone we will but what if helping actually does more to harm than it does good so I have a real-life story about that long time ago you know I was shoveling outside and then I cited I'm gonna I'm gonna go visit my friend see how they're doing maybe I'll help them shovel as well and then I see I see an elderly lady shoveling out there now now the first thought and I saw her and I decided not to help her at least at first now why did I sign not to help her well that's because I saw her son or grandson I don't know but I saw her grandson and I figured that if I were to just go on

and help her it would cause more harm because she would be more angry at her son and as a result it would been directly be my fault for pretty much breaking up the family so to speak now that does seem a little bit conceited but I'm kind of paranoid of these things of course later on when I came back and I started still shoveling I asked her for help and she said no it's okay and I said alright but here's the thing we don't often consider the consequences of helping someone and it's very important to realize this now because well we're in an age where we want to be a saint come let's go time seeing would here be good only if the car passes by there we go let's let's cross the street and it looks like I've made a mistake yep mistakes for me oh well we could take the path back see steaks for me let's go other way back but yeah like I said what you call it it exists in like like I said I yeah okay I've lost my train of thought I am so sorry so I'll just go around it no problem let's go so we don't realize these consequences and we do help someone what's gonna happen well they're gonna expect your help again again again if unit there's a time

you can't help them get angry that's just one side of the equation though let's go to the other side where it's pretty much the paradox of generosity this so we'll just walk in the street I don't know if you can hear it but those are some fat beats alright let's go this way and we go okay so the paradox of generosity basically we're generous but because we but we're only generous because we do it for ourselves so by that I mean we're only generous because it makes us feel good it doesn't make the other person feel good and we use our generosity to pretty much tell other people how generous we are and we also use it to one-up people pretty much sell them whoa-ho sorry this dog just loves to sway my camera around the dog as I'm saying we use this to we use this to pretty much get a leg up on people telling them how it's it's kind of like it's kind of like if you have any religious friends but you don't really go to church or you only go to church the minimum every Sunday for an hour or so and and they tell and they pretty much challenged their faith in God they talk about how

they go to church for three hours or they go to all church every single day you know something [Music] ass kind of what it is when it comes to generosity in the lake and we don't even consider whether our help makes the other person feel good we only we only consider if it makes us feel good and we're seeing too many people like that and it's disgusting because we wanna oh god come on ty something's out of control let's go little boy okay South Saint sometimes we forget why we help people and well there's nothing wrong with feeling good about helping others however if that's the only reason then that is what's dis grandes would discuss because we don't consider how the other piece of person might feel after receiving our help and you know that's bad and you know I say that people are typically selfish creatures and I also talked about how we're the smartest people on earth but we use it for the stupidest things kind of fits in that whole paradox of generosity there's the only people we're

generous to we'll be ourselves the whole time and yeah I don't know what to say come on time but we mustn't forget that you know we should strive to help others that we should strive to help others because it's not only it's the right thing to do but because it actually helps them really like the old saying feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and he'll be fed for a lifetime that's pretty much what it boils down to I know you love this empty development site huh he's out of control sometimes and my hands are getting cold but yeah that's what the old that's what it applies to that's saying some haunts I get out of there have any of you had had this much trouble with your pet husky well I know one thing for sure it may not feel good to record this now but I'm sure when I get back home I'll feel good afterwards because I will have recorded a decent video that people might watch okay but uh yeah so just do the right thing don't do it for the wrong reasons remember it's better to teach someone to fend for themselves than it is to give

me stuff come on side let's go and that's it come on time till then ty look at the camera