10 October 2018

Dog Walker Diaries #8 - Mental Help


hello and as we can see sunny skies and

I'd like to talk about Mental Health Day come on let's go so ever since that better help scandal I mean if it is and I'll make sure I retract what I said about them in description or something idle in any case I guess something I'm willing to do to get over my mental health is to just wow Birds is it just record while I'm anymore well let's say pop you populated street more dense populated dense three however you call it so come on Silas come on tight oh stop being so stubborn so I like to provide some tips because I get it we have so many resources but it's too time-consuming or something so but those students who are still in college well sorry I know you'll probably your cars in the background so for those students who are in college I would right I mean you have free therapy already no joke just just have to go to the nurse or some other place signup form and you're all set all right I said we go to a more populated street so come on tie so yeah all you have to do is just that like it's covered in your tuition you're entitled to free therapy so you could just do that

I mean that's what I would do and like I said your tuition pretty much paceful [Music] what's run come on ty alright this week so geez well that's the price I pay for getting over my anxiety so yeah that's for the college students three resources now for those who want I don't know therapy in the home really love that beat alright so for those who want therapy in their house that they can't get out you could just Reese I'm sure there are lots of these sources we're still a quick the bus passing stuff so I'm sure there are resources online that you can check to get a qualified therapist or even psychologists to talk one-on-one online with you come here so yeah that's one way to do it just go online search it out you're all good you'll get a personal therapist talk to online and I know that better help was supposed to be that search engine that helps you research therapists and the like but since the scandal is kind of closed where it's nothing but a scam I think it would be great if you just

invested the time and searched for it yourself because you'll see more results that way let's go time whoa all right not so fast time so what else can we do Oh what's what's up man no I'm just gonna walk home yeah oh he's so friendly he's just aggressively friendly so where was I I said online I mean the research is worth it like if you have to invest eight hours to find that one therapist that'll help you it's working thank you sir now what do I do if I don't want to do it online I 101 on one thing well the same thing just search for one you know one that could do house calls or one that you that has a form you could go to and that's great and if you have free health care perfect and I only say all of this because you know mental health matters we all have issues we all have depression we all have crippling anxiety but yeah so you could do that I mean if you want something on the cheap I guess you can go to places like

Craigslist and I believe it's called back page but then the question becomes I mean well the low price be like we'll the low price be worth how sketching these sites are I mean I personally use Craigslist to buy a few things and I usually got them no scam no nothing Oh I start Thank You officer so yeah you could do that well it well you know what if I'm to uptakes your therapist all right yeah we know the other dog don't run after the other dog please don't all right good now as I was saying what if but if you don't want to see a therapist or what if you can't some odd reason I'd say I'm sorry like I said this is more populated so like I said what if I don't want a therapist or I can't see one for some reason well there's not a lot of options but you can keep yourself busy I guess like for me I'm just walking this dog I mean it's for me it works like I love to keep myself busy either being productive

or playing video games that's one way of doing that exercising is good too you know if you feel good you look good well if you look good you'll feel good No [Music] exercise is really good maybe change sign change something about yourself I put on a new hairdo dress up dress so weights dress up in a way that you've never thought of dressing up before look or something I don't know make whatever change you want to make I mean you're such a good boy and you're making the entire dorm but yeah I'm gonna pee and the other things well the answers right in front of me get a pet if you go out a lot get a pet that will make you active this guy makes me yet very well if I'm not active keep me he may escape so yeah or you could get a low-maintenance pet goldfish hamsters maybe I don't know and one other way I found is to if you're in control of your day structure in a way we're at the end you do your most favourite thing you could shower at the end too I mean I shower every night because I

love going to sleep with that clean feeling so there's that and I'm sure everybody not for anybody if they ever watch this field they will have their own tips and tricks on how to maintain their mental health I don't know but until next time once again I'm sorry for the traffic and for some of these sudden greetings and stuff but until next time you know happy mental health day I'm almost there we'll set the endless block to conquer my own anxiety and it's not so bad I mean yeah it looked like a crazy person but this isn't so bad funny kids I hope this video was informative just remember at the end of the day you're in charge of your own health nobody could tell you how to fix you and if they do you can either accept it or not so yeah so until next time oh god I hate this traffic all right as I was saying until next time thank you for viewing this video I hope you get mentally well it I hope you get some help or your mentally well and yeah I'll see you later once again thank you for watching I

actually mean that like thank you very much for watching if you do okay and yeah he's tired as well so walking is good for his mental health as well see you later