05 February 2012


Day 462. Changed my officechair AGAIN!! and took my parents and my dog out for a walk.. and had a disaster with a concrete thing!! Buttholes :(


another beautiful day and we're up by u square i bought my office chair to hand that back again it goes fantasy don't know why so we found another one another place which i would like to get instead so we taking that back and we go into the new place and buying the other one new one is just over there if you could see the yellow sign behind the flat pole that's how i bought and we are in yes which is right behind me see ya and after that we're going to maxs ooh which is just over there cuz we got some dog food which more for Sally but she don't like it at all and it's quite expensive so they got this price guarantee and my give the dog don't like it and hardly ever touched it you can go up and get your money bag on it so we're doing that now which is quite good and that was quite expensive so yeah after that we'll pop we can do a bit of shopping and Rima and then that to my parents take dogs will walk then later on I don't know what to do I actually need to go down to the basement and have a look at that concrete thing I made a hopefully i will turn out just as good as the first one I did mainly because the second one here I didn't use any lubricant like wd-40 so

I'll see if it'll come out justice nice the reason why i didn't use wd-40 was because I didn't want to have those like grease marks in the extra concrete but hopefully it will come out just as good but we'll see right we have both the girls out Sally and run yeah the old girl she's not really bother walk and she just tired all the time now she is getting really old but these two are having a fun time which is nice they're really getting on well together just look at them now right now runs the biggest but it won't be long before Sally take the urban sighs it's beautiful out here now sun shining a little bit of breeze it's very very cold it must be about minus eight or nine um but yeah it's still nice we're walking on this nice bicycle paths with in May this used to be no railroad when I was a kid to live down here that we used to run into tracks and play there never were any trains here because the track was closed many years ago but they used to have one I'm a year this all veteran train like a steamer went all the way from scale score until slay us and back and you can get on it there and you had like a nice

coffee and as a kid because it didn't go very fast so we with kids we stood at the back and grabbed all the leaves on the trees and such that was so much fun I kind of miss these old days where we did that but I don't mind this nice pathway has made more sense it's a nice dog for a walk for the dogs and it's a very good shortcut if you go and buy see let's flush you away from all the roads with all the cars because all the roads out here with the cars nominee go are very narrow so there isn't much space for a bicycle to be there especially not there's a truck coming as I'm like that come on me meek but the dogs love it here there's nothing no cars anything to worry about just let them have a good sniff and run so that's good all right feel a bit later all right guys new shade again let's hope this one will be better than the last one that this is a different model I'm gonna shut so let's whole look and see how I'll just pop to the basement and see how my second concrete little manual pad grind box or whatever you call it is just to see how they come up and look the guy's been here with the pellets he delivered nicely in the corner which is perfect so

thank you for doing that for us now we can stay warm let's have a look what did it go sighs yes sighs losing this one we're excited about because this is the one way I didn't use any lubricant she writing let it go but we'll see come on get off ah crap you got lovely and smooth though but the one corner is not very good so something went wrong I don't know what it looks it looks very nice though this the bottom is very shiny if you see that very very shiny but this corner here didn't want to let go I don't know why spits add clanteam into getting out so just start there so I need to use nipper kind of huge you