10 February 2019

Dog Walking and talking Captain Marvel go fund me

Disney and Brie Larson crowdfunding to send girls to see Captain Marvel is ridiculous. One of the biggest companies in the world needs to crowdfund to buy ...

hey everybody Jamm creates here another

Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon excuse me dog-walking stream come on buddy me and beans going for a stroll figured we'd uh it's not too bad it's a little chilly I think it's in the 30s or 40s today high 30s if it is in the 30s definitely not a bad day Sun was out most of the day starting to get a little cloudy now but that's it we're just going for a little stroll here so he can get some exercise stretch his legs let's see what's going on in the world today that I could talk about while we walk how about this whole Captain Marvel nonsense with this whole thing of we're gonna have a go fund me to buy tickets for underprivileged kids to go see Captain Marvel what is that all about like honestly like that is such a bizarre thing whoa don't get dizzy and it's such a bizarre thing to me this idea of a company like Disney and for whatever reason they seem to be putting it like in brie Larson's name like she's personally doing this and it just seems so weird to me because it's a GoFundMe from literally one of the biggest corporations on the planet which is the Disney Corporation very odd to me like

you're telling me a company like that now listen what however you feel about Disney and and I go back and forth I like a lot of what they do from you know product wise I'm a big fan of their theme parks I've always been a big fan of the theme parks a lot of there toys and stuff that they make theme park based around the theme parks and stuff like that is our good stuff I can't stand what they've done to Star Wars I can see now the direction that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go and that's not good I can't stand what they've done to Marvel Comics and I think that is more of not so much direct Disney doing that but that is more I would say Disney just not even paying attention they're kind of asleep at the wheel when it comes to Marvel comics so definitely not a big fan of that I do love the theme parks though the theme parks are a lot of fun there's such incredible detail and artistry that went into there I love to read books about the the creation of the Disney theme parks it's really really cool and Walt as a person forget about all the nonsense you hear about Walt Walt was not anti-semitic he was not some kind of

a Nazi kind of funny how you know people nowadays want to label somebody who spoke out vehemently against communists in Hollywood as a Nazi hmm kind of funny that how that works huh it's almost like it's the same thing they're doing to everyone now who speaks out against socialism anyway like wouldn't you want to go this way I'll go this way okay we'll let be in to the side yeah so this is really a quick video but like why does the biggest company in the world well one of the biggest companies in the world need to do a crowdfunding campaign to send a bunch of kids to see a movie that they are making or that they made the movies done and the star of that movie who I believe was paid like ten million dollars to make the movie you're telling me they can't you know that little uh that little tiny mom-and-pop operation Disney and a star who's getting paid ten million dollars to make a movie can't scrape together some some money to to buy some tickets for people to go see their movie I don't even care like you want to send girls to go see the movie you want to some underprivileged girls to go see the

movie if you wanted to send maybe like local Girl Scout troops or something like that would be fine I think whatever it's not a big deal like I don't know the care it's just a movie a movie I don't think it's gonna be a particularly good movie but it's a movie kids might enjoy getting to go see a free movie but you're telling me like they couldn't scrape together the money to do this are you kidding me how much did they spend to make the movie let's ask that question how many millions of dollars have they spent to make the movie and to promote the movie I mean they had did they not have a commercial on during the Superbowl you know how much that costs but they need to do a crowdfunding campaign a GoFundMe to buy some tickets for the movie the biggest thing I see with that is you've got Disney and again they've put brie Larson out in front of this thing like it was her idea so basically what you're telling me is that come on buddy let's go around together let's get a little more exercise yeah come on you don't wanna to cold to you all right so I guess that means we're gonna wrap this

one up yeah I just don't get it makes no sense that they couldn't afford to send somebody to go see this movie themselves unless they're just trying to draw attention to the quote-unquote good that they're doing and they're just trying to pat themselves on the back for it which is more likely the case so anyway for me and beans that's all we're gonna go back in the house just a quick little stroll today if you like this video if you want to see more dogs walking videos let me know especially as the weather gets nicer in the springtime we should be able to do more anyway that's it if you like the video click the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and all that good stuff follow me on Twitter I'm at GM underscore creates and for me and beans a beaners peace out