19 April 2019

Dog walking and update

yes that's my channel this is my second

attempt because I tried recording before and it didn't work out I'm just letting you guys know because I was going to post that original video my dog had to get who was coming so there was old lady and they were just like really just but miss diva over here had to go and mess things up so I honestly couldn't really take her for a walk and finish my previous video which was gonna be a really good video but that just didn't end up happening so right now I am walking my dog of course so it's a beautiful day outside and honestly I feel like things will go good tonight but they don't always because it's just never ending well the Sun is beautiful and everything is just beautiful tonight um I am gonna make a song this is kind of like an update video and just like a good old one long video that doesn't have any editing because I don't know how to edit it I did yeah we're doing good so far so update number one I am going to post some like educational videos science math but I'm gonna do it like easy math if you're in like sixth grade say my my grade um I can certainly help you with whatever math you need

just not algebra because I'm not really there yet or or geometry because i [Music] understanding it and I still don't so that's a really good first start there Oh number two I have been watching other YouTube videos and I've seen a lot of macho videos I know in the last video I said that I will be posting a lot of gotcha videos but I wouldn't make a part 2 of my first one because it was unavailable and the voice box chat whatever it is didn't work anymore for me so that's what I'm gonna try and work on right now and see if I can accomplish that so yeah hopefully in my days will go better and stuff I just haven't seen much progress because you know in my early early days there's a person she hates people why she does she wanna be so from other people's one of you I might be dragging my dog across the street like come here you little you're such a bad dog no I don't do that to my dog she's just a pain in the butt because she look at what she's doing right now she honestly just wants to go home I really can't do

oh there's so many people coming home from work it just makes me nervous it ii 'it filming on my phone out here in my neighborhood like i don't think anybody has seen talking to it it's really gonna kill herself I'm walking closer to her understand what I'm trying to do for her yes don't do what I'm doing log walking I'm vlogging you crossing the street it's a bad thing so don't do it [Music] don't do what I'm doing I went to PE today and I kind of like it's so nice to mouth to give me that band-aid she gave me two just in case my other one fell off and it kind of just started getting bad enough so I put a new one on yeah I don't understand she keep screaming hold on one one moment yeah goofy on my apologize so many what if I'm watching you you do video about me and I just have to like do this or for an angle I'm not taking selfies just do it you guys know I'm not a girly girl I hate makeup makes my face bitch I don't wear high heels unless it's for a special occasion and I feel like it and I don't like to

do that so this was already eight minutes long I love you guys and I will see you guys tomorrow hopefully so love you guys peace