10 September 2019

Dog Walking As A Wheelchair User

Walking a dog as a wheelchair user can be challenging. Leave your suggestions and solutions in the comments below. #wheelchair #dog #wheelchairlife ...

all right now so a couple of you Dalton

ask me how I do daily things like walk the dog and I will tell you you're about to find out why we decided to get a huge backyard because there you go [Music] [Music] as you can see she's very very smart but we're not very good at walking on the leave Chicago Ill my mom is either but so I'll just show you so what I usually do is I have a retractable leash and I usually will just lock it into place and kind of put it between my knees if this doesn't work for you you could maybe do something like a zip tie and tie it to your chair maybe I would just make sure that it's good and tight so it can't slip off or break off too easily she's pretty strong so I don't know how well that would work it fries but it's worth a shot so I'll say like we don't always know the solution everything so if you have dogs that you walk regularly and have something that works for you leave me a comment let me know and I'll try it out I'm always going to learn new things right low you ready for work okay all right the issue that I'll sometimes have with

her in particular she gets so excited to see her it's herself come on look I'll wrapped up in her leash sometimes she'll end up wrapped around my chair or even my cup holder down here I think you know if we worked on her she'll get better at it she's already a lot better than she used to be because I would have been down the hill two minutes ago yeah she's so cool but she's definitely improving last couple years we couldn't even kinda do this two years ago with her so she definitely doesn't get wrapped up in all of that like she used to but yeah I just I don't really have a good pack for this so if you guys have a suggestion definitely leave me a comment down below if you have any particular leashes maybe that you like better than others and leave me that my comment - all right laughs let's go this way come on so that was a little bit of an adventure I'm dying she's just ready to go into I think so yeah but you know if you guys have any suggestions or comments you know you know not everybody does things the same way that you do I would love to learn

other techniques so please be nice in the comments this is the one of the hardest challenges with her and our industry dog's leash walking but again that's why we have such a big backyard that's why we keep them entertained please and to teach me you tricks and all of that stuff anyway hope you guys are and I will have you soon