13 March 2019

Dog Walking Therapy- God Day Afternoon

Dog Walking Therapy is part of my daily routine and it really encourages me to go out at least three times a day. In this clip i had a spiritual encounter with my ...


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] comes a wicket and there goes a with it [Music] with the dogs after just doing a lovely gym session after stay at the gym I've gone a few times now about ice about the full time I've gone so just getting to be strong an hour and obviously doing it for positive reasons just clicking the mind clear it's like a good replacement instead of doing if I weren't doing that then I'll be doing maybe something else I don't know something I wouldn't say negative but yeah obviously feels nice blocking in the day it's just getting a nice routine now going to the gym walking the dogs doing some work at home writing an article doing some poetry from time to time praying going out meeting a few people were getting into the fellowship yes I things are coming on nicely and this

woke up the place to say this is coming up Saturday I'll be three months over so haven't got there yet conquer my chickens before they're actually just wait there yeah things are there nicely so just a little cap shot taking the dogs for a walk after just done the gym then going for a nice homemade sleep lovely privilege then able to take the dogs out sober healthy join it beautiful so Maxie who would love to escape that can did you'd run away when you mister oh my routine as I mentioned on some of the clips and there's a point of maybe two other people get a little bit depression it'll be anxiety that kind of thing is there the great outdoors and coupled with just doing the gym yes even more beautiful for me when I've just done some exercise I really appreciate things for example where I am now taking the dogs out coming up here this path and looking out looking out to that yes takes my breath away it's beautiful does it say your breath away Bailey a different kind of way max I'm supposed to be leading you the other way around [Music]

I just sat down because I found like a wonderful place to sit down and have a little chat the camera because when I was doing some running a couple of weeks ago I was without that I didn't have the phone and I was thinking about [Music] when I next come out to talk a little bit more about scripture a biblical scripture because it helps me so much so I thought what better place than now to sit down no in a rush do anything as such and with an old maximum Bailey babies enjoying himself max wants to get off this late like anything but you can't name off yes I talk a little bit about scripture because it helps me so much there's two parts of a script I'd like to focus on really brought to my attention as I send you death up here because of the the nature the landscape because of all the is it's quite rocky its Iranian when I looked at when I was thinking about the I was thinking about the ground and I was thinking about the debate in scripture where Jesus was talking about I can't remember exactly word for word but something along the lines about he was giving like an

example of I think it was God's Word being sewn into man man's heart but he was using the parables using same one it's on boys this I think he was using like a see the word like seed I think what Jesus meant is someone hears some people here are just kind of objective or they take it on bold and it kind of gets swept aside there's a kind of get like to say drawn into like monks are wealthy ways and then with the thorny one I think it's more like people kind of accept a bit more and try and be like the beading Psylocke's word but then and they go a little bit further with it kind of like six in a little bit deeper but then again it doesn't quite it's not quite nourished it doesn't settle I could see wouldn't if it was sorry if I'm not explaining it overseas because I've got max on the lead and getting tucked in every once in so going back to the second example year if it gets sewn in toe to the ground where it's a bit thorny like hangman let's just say over there so the grass is doing okay maybe but then it maybe it gets a bit parched I don't know and withers away a little

bit maybe the old weeds come up and stuff like that and it's not the best but not the best soil set Jonas may be a bit too hot so it's kind of medium like it's not the greatest environment so those may be a sort of people probably like myself I read scripture and then I go and put myself like going down the pub and I put my own invite in an environment where I'm tempted I shouldn't do that so I'm not really nurturing the Word of God on should be like not really poem setting foot in a pub as such like 90 avians which I did last week as a that's not very conducive to person who's you know was in our colonies and alcoholics I just a little example there and then he's the third example and then he uses where it's sewn and into like a fertile soil and then obviously that grows and again that is being nurtured and it maybe into a tree and now yeah blossoms and you could say that what comes off the tree say if it was a fruit tree its like relating to some of other script - and it says a bad tree can't read bad fruit and a good treat they saw a bad tree can't read good fruit and a good tree contrary bad fruit this kind of

thing to say so yes I probably like saying that I wouldn't take some people they hear the word of God they obviously don't want to hear or they do and then just gets pushed aside it doesn't it doesn't go very deep and it's not nurtured that kind of thing I asked I'm getting out I think that's what Jesus is gonna it just made me think how I can row like that or how I is related directly to my life because I really like thinking about looking at Scripture and then just not reading like a book but meditate on it I was just thinking about it in such a nice around as well like and so when I come after the gym and are thinking about it's over walking the dogs to know in such beautiful surroundings and I was thinking about that parable the site the seed being sown 3 different environments and I was thinking of how come related to my own life and how I need to nourish God's Word inside me and let it grow so that and really I'm that tree and I need to grow keep growing and the more sober I am NOT just sobriety but you know how I'm like treating other people how I'm dealing with life in general the the the intimacy I have with my higher power

which is fed through the words and all these kinds of things walking the dogs physical side the exercise gratitude lists all this is is their spiritual food which brings me on to the second bit of Scripture I wanted it it kind of relates to it I suppose all the Scriptures related there with me if you're not you know into all this is just you can still I think related to your life and I'm really trying to relate to my life what I'm doing each day cuz I'm living in the day and it's working for me obviously I'm having bad days and good days and that's like anybody but so yeah I'm just kind of explaining it the scriptural terms where I think it's very applicable to myself personally [Music] so yeah the second part of scripture that well yes it can pay subscription I'd like to sort of talk about he's a is that when he was in the wilderness and it was a sighting came and tried to tend to I think three times if I'm getting this wrong then please correct me it's just an see I'm an expert in in biblical knowledge but and I little bit and what I do now as a sideshow I meditate on and

applied to my life which I'm trying to do anyway so getting back to getting back to the scripture so I think he tempted in three times and I think one was he said if you are the son of God then because he was thirsty he was hungry what turned the stone into beer bread and then I think he replied something along the lines of man shouldn't live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God so in other words yeah course we need to eat to survive it should be just leading our lives on I'm just thinking of food all the time too because why are we really in that food in the first place what just to live and eat more food and and just fuel in our lusts that's how I look at it and more importantly the big ways that about spiritual food just leaving on god's word is more is is we should couple over the food with spiritual life is with bread we've earned spiritual food and that's always sees words so that sort of influence back to the three examples that gave about the seed so if we try and focus if I'm trying to focus I need to focus on I don't like saying if we should be saying it more

personally if I if I try and focus my daily routine on the spiritual as well as just normal food and I could break this up into lots of things reading the Bible meditating on it praying feeling that connection with a higher power why am i grouchy lists being grateful to him trying to drink paper I want to be treated in Jesus and these fine you know these kind of things the obvious things but they sound obvious and simple but when you try doing them they're not always that simple either when people don't treat you that well I'm not saying I'm being true mattek-sands being treated very well but they're not always that simple to follow they sound simple but they're not they're not easy to carry out but once we get it's like because I've because I said I was going down the gym so it's like going down the gym I think trying to maintain our spiritual condition it's the same sort of thing trying to train myself to be spiritually sound I'm grounded in the truth for me as I mentioned many times I'm a man of faith and a man of faith in what you might say well God you might say well who is God ways got that kindly but this isn't a video for that this is

just related back to what's in scripture and I can see how it's it made sense to me not like things that make sense and I can relate to these just simple things on their inside so yeah just keeping a good spirit conditions the spiritual condition and nourishing my self Reverb is spiritual photo just bridge Lord and I just walking the dogs and coming up here and talking about it I am helping myself to remember scripture because I could have just gone to my phone now and just read it out but by so I remember it myself the actual process of trying to go from there a heart more than me just reading something out and I'm getting in nature wildlife feeling what I'm saying I'm trying to meditate which i think is some sort of meditate meditate on the word day and night yes I only wait say those two things yeah I bear that in mind this try and become like that tree I've often thought I've often m'lady like that tree it's funny get an amateur rocketry it needs to be groaning scoffs off and so knock your seed and you need to perish it is wrong to need sunlight often I use those knowledge of my own

life I went on relapsed I think all the old trees being cut out it's got a so the seed again I've got to make sure it's sweet sown in fertile soil which means a lot of it around the right people for to avoid the right place the wrong places avoid the wrong things do the right things either there aren't people and that's not to say I'm a discriminative most paid for that there any worse than me or better it's just protecting my own sobriety in the best way possible [Music] I've really enjoyed the English Clint I was thinking about it for a couple of hours in the night and I was praying quite intensely to just do a video today that's just on a little bit of Scripture and walking the dog sitting here and doing something like either on a bench or actually sitting on a rock now and yeah I've enjoyed this one and I better get going there because PowerMax is in the Sun and he's been a good boy and take him for a walk Bailey's should be quite naked now he's free roll they're not the rainbow today not rainbow bench if anyone has seen my last clips I did a light bench did a video on a bench a few

weeks ago now called in a rainbow appeared and I call it rainbow bench now so I don't know what I'll call this ah the moon's up there directly there sigh sitting on a rock I call this moon rock you see the moon up there it's just doing my left hand side of that every flame that's the moon rock I was just talking about just meditating on a bit of Scripture so now I'm going to call that the moon rock there you go yeah I think when you got time connecting two nature's is so important because it's so part of us isn't it obviously we are part of nature we are nature we get so we get so embedded in conditioned I think with so much crap so much trash from TV what's on the news our own minds newspapers other people's trash etc etc and for we can get so much I think if any if you've got time and you've got the means then getting out and connecting with nature is such a wonderful thing clearing the head yeah and not just clearing it because then try and clear it and and one successfully done or are you going to replace it with it's no good than replacing in fact with

their negative stuff again so for me Scripture works it's very positive for me it's it's the Word of God I love it don't go anyone says oh he's Maxie boy hey Bailey boy [Music] they're coming out just come out and I can't see all Blackhawks