10 February 2019

dog walks #1 - starting a vlog

frank & bryan go for a walk and talk starting a vlog, punisher max, velvet buzzsaw, apex legends, red dead redemption 2, and our twitch streams. please ...

yo Brian it says he got to be leashed hi

welcome to dog walks for the big dog talks today on the show I'm Frank Holly and I'm Brian on the cam I've created a new form of cinema it's called the short form podcast also known as a vlog also known as hanging out with your best friends Frank and Brian the big dogs the big dogs real talk I produce probably over 10 hours of podcasts and streams every week that's great but not if one has 10 hours every week to stay up to date with the fabulous world of Frank Holly and Brian the big dog but if you do stay tunes thank you but you want more there's a plane coming that's right big dogs a shot on location at a live studio audience in Orlando Florida at Nickelodeon studios with Frank Holly and Brian the big dog but yeah I wanted to make a short shorter way to stay up to date with what we're doing because I do my own videos I do my own streams I do stuff with mega64 I work for a film organization and I won't be able to talk about everything I do and it's so weird because when I'm at different jobs I kind of like almost omim in different modes but I just want to do a one video series where I'm just

myself you know be myself so I'm gonna talk about everything to you this is the the mask is coming off the squirrels here - we're getting to nature but yeah the thing I'm obsessed with like media theory david rushkoff we both took media studies like in college and I love how internet media has evolved where there is so much content and even like me someone who has specific tastes and things they love I don't have time to stay up to date with everything I'm running out of breath the other reason I'm starting the show is just for regular exercise but back to media theory I wish like one of my favorite podcasts was giant bomb it's a video game podcast but I didn't have time every week to listen to three hours of giant bomb but if Jeff Gerstmann put out like a ten minute vlog every week that was like these are the games I've been playing these are the movies and apex Legends is really good then I would tune in every week if you imagine all your favorite media people did this I think it would be pretty awesome because like that's weird like in 2006 right like I mean we had like the personal channel videos and

we would do essentially what people are doing now yeah yeah and like nowadays it's just so much more accessible to actually like get out there and do this stuff and like with like Instagram and live videos and Twitter twitch everything like you can just do you can just put content out and and make sure it's fun and and like engaging and people want it they don't need to watch all of it like we no longer have this like full consumer society where you know back in the day I felt like you had to like if you listen to an artist you had to listen to their entire discography or their entire album nowadays it's more of like I just pick and choose the exact things I like and then I focus on those and then I keep like diving deeper and using that to expand so big dogs go big up big walks so yeah even if you so again this is gonna be uploaded on YouTube cuz it's probably be I don't know 15 20 minutes maybe shorter but uh I have like thirty five thousand subscribers on YouTube I think most of those are dead accounts and there's a plane but when I just do twitch stuff our stuff on mega64 account I'm ignoring like the core audience but

again the internet is split across two different mediums there's no core audience I guess my core audience is myself my friends you know but even my family they don't know what twitches know so that seem you know that's thing up today but I think my dad and mom know what YouTube is so like here's something Universal that's easier to stay up-to-date anyways this week's topics I had this with first ones I'm gonna talk about the most important thing in my mind right now The Punisher Frank Castle Garth Ennis Marvel baby Marvel baby let's bring back like 2008 six memes oops Punisher is incredible yeah i streamed the punisher game made by the saints row devs on my youtube and twitch big dogs gaming slash The Punisher I'll put links in the description below but yeah I'm starting with welcome back Frank I'm halfway through Punisher max I haven't seen the Netflix show I don't know if I'm going to because I'm just following Garth Ennis because he did preacher and it's incredible and I love it and I'm consuming so much of it like I love it and you read a little bit about you forever a Punisher max you you actually have a bigger history of comics

than I do yeah it's for me it's kind of funny cuz like Frank's going back and reading all of these comics that I read like now it's been 10 years and so it's really cool to like see Frank's more adult and mature and media like literate approach to comic books whereas like when I was younger especially part of that like era in the 90s Punisher was just violence and it wasn't like he he's not like necessarily like Batman who's there to fight injustice he's really the Punisher it's bad people will be punished that's his job and he goes out and does it and Garth Ennis gets that raw violence and just captures it perfectly so I'm really excited to see like what you think of it as you're going along and it's been really cool if you guys haven't checked it out that's I'd start with welcome back Frank like like Frank did and then I would I would work your way through Punisher Max is absolutely incredible if you haven't read pre sure the reason I got into Punisher is because it's preachers written by the same dude Garth Ennis he's just the best conflict I've ever read last year I was touting brubaker criminal which is excellent but

preachers my favorite comic anyways I'll talk about that before other subjects I watched velvet buzzsaw Netflix which was the new Jake Gyllenhaal film I mean it's Dan Gilroy but Jake Gyllenhaal's you know on the star same team who did Nightcrawler it's very Stephen King it's like a Tales from the Crypt episode it's fun if she loves Nightcrawler imagine if they made imagine Nightcrawler but if they did another episode that was like in the tales in the creepy universe like it's campy horror and I get it now and I want more of it yeah was there a squirrel oh dude dynamic it's like when you press select in grand theft auto playing coming beeyatch velvet buzzsaw what'd you think yeah I was really impressed by the execution of that movie I don't normally care about Netflix movies but I'm realizing more and more that Netflix movies aren't for everyone it's exactly what I just said about how you can pick and choose what you like oh hell yeah and with velvet buzzsaw it was a movie for me so for me that means it's like a cool movie like like Frank said a Stephen King kind of like built

in building its own lore and giving you a giving you a really rich background in the backstory for yeah yeah it takes place in the art world in LA and it's very tongue-in-cheek and it's very satirical I just I just loved that they had fun with it and it had that same sort of gripping tenseness that Nightcrawler did yeah so I like that it's a fun ride I looked at like reviews on the letterbox you didn't like it and maybe there's nothing up for camp that's fine but Nightcrawler is incredible and again it's a much better movie because it focuses solely on Jake Gyllenhaal but with velvet bus law you're split across like eight different characters so it's separated but you get more stereotypes of like la characters and maybe it's someone who's like worked in Hollywood --nt been up there maybe that's why it's funnier to me but I think anyone who's like an artist or a student will know people of each character type so I thought it was fun other important subjects the streams have done I did Apex legends oh my gosh I can talk forever apex legends I want to keep these videos short I'll probably talk about apex legends more but if you

want to hear me talk about in depth I streamed two and a half hours with it on Frank's arcade my twitch slash YouTube show on mega64 stream and megaspore archives so you can check that out put a link but yeah it's the Battle Royale from the titanfall 2 team Vince Zampella who did modern warfare in titanfall 2 I've covered titanfall 2 on my old series at the computer check it out titanfall 2 is incredible that team did a battle royale and it's great it's very fun I've been playing God of War I'm finally back in it that's my current 8th game I really like it crackdown 3 comes out Friday I'm probably gonna stream crackdown 3 on Friday on Frank's arcade at twitch slash makes and then what else have I been playing oh yeah on big dogs wouldn't we just play just oh the Punisher games yeah yeah yeah we played actually oh yeah I forgot we played main games we played King of Fighters which man jumping back into that I hadn't really like the only person I play King the fighters against is it's Eric it's Conair Nic Cage is up there but the only person I normally play King of Fighters with is

Eric so like it's been a while since I've actually played against somebody competitive and then on stream I think you can kind of oh yeah you can kind of see like warrior it's been like 10 years since I've really played probably not that long but like it's been about five years but when it kind of like I turned off my thinking brain and just went back into like default mode it you can see it on the stream like I start to come back alive and and it's really fun like I really enjoy doing the big dog stream because we can just revisit these games big dogs we're doing it every Tuesday we try to go live around 6:00 on Frank's twitch yeah 6:00 Pacific Time twitch.tv slash Frank Holly and yeah dude oh so I beat Red Dead this last week I like I went through everything completed the game in the story missions I should say and very very impressed by the story in that game Rockstar does a great job of making you feel what the characters and like actually get invested in them and all I can say is at the end of it I miss our third Morgan that's all I'm gonna say with Red Dead because I walked in the living room and I was like are you watching the new Coen Brothers movie

Buster Scruggs he was in game and I thought he was watching that movie but yeah at the start I talked about we do so many streams Mike schedule is what do I do Tuesday night 6 p.m. Pacific big dawgs gaming that's where Brian and I do a twitch stream usually go from maybe around 4 hours we usually play retro games and just anything that interests us we talked about mental health honestly anything you want come in the chat we'll talk about it ask questions we're very engaged with the audience Wednesdays you do PBS with Garrett yeah I do PPS with Garrett that's 7:00 p.m. Pacific time on the mega64 twitch and it's it's really fun if you've never seen it it's like a radio show but instead of music we play video games as well also engage with the audience we take yeah we take discord calls we have we have a lot of people coming in and just chilling that's that's what we want we want a fun environment and and all we want to do is keep doing more we have we very loosely managed at PBS discord and it's what we pop in there sometimes we've had to ban cute some

people and I know everyone's a human basically be nice have fun if you come in there start calling people names figure out you know just be nice like it we treat it like an AOL chat room from the 90s so we'll put a link in there if you want to hang out yeah yeah we talked about movies games whatever you want I think that's fair I think especially for our PBS discord in and our community in general is like we've said it before but if you're only seeing this now on the YouTube there is negativity out there right we all know that but like we can choose how we use our time we Frank and I the big dogs want to focus on positive things so we could get stuck on all the stuff that we don't like or I want to go and pursue the things that I do yeah and so when you're coming to our community we want you guys to feel uplifted not beaten down so if you're saying things like that to people in our community what we're gonna politely tell you to leave because we don't want that we want to have fun we want to build people up and that's to talk about another time is uh is uh oh yeah discord is another thing that's completely changed way people communicate a media maybe they'll

be next week's topic but yeah I love I love discord I love everything the reason I'm starting this is I stepped on the scale today was 174 again I fit into medium shirts so I'm good but my goal is to be 170 so if I just make this a routine like every week you know I already did some other exercise stuff I try to go to the gym usually at least four days a week I will just ride the elliptical and watch like YouTube videos or check Twitter but that works that keeps my weight down I'm not building muscle anything I'm just trying to you know fit into the clothes I like and then uh yeah we're gonna do this more feel free to put questions in the chat earth on the in the YouTube comments and then if you're a teenager in San Diego or if you know any teenagers in San Diego family friends are educators spread the word I run a youth filmmaking program in the summer I'll put links down there below but we're looking for high school students freshman through juniors to apply it you can learn filmmaking so if you're into that or know anyone in the San Diego area check out I'll put a link

below and yeah we'll do more of this big big big walks bit go big walk dog walk dog walks I'll wait for the plane to pass and then you can put your button one sec waiting for the plane well one thing I definitely wanted to say is we're always posting new stuff so follow us so my twitter is camp and Instagram is king Lord Brian so follow us there and then Frank is gonna be at Frank howling on everything follow them on YouTube as well youtube.com slash Frank Halle we put all of our streams on big dogs on Frank's twitch stream so twitch TV slash Frank Holly for that but follow us make sure make sure you yeah stay tuned stay healthy I know it's winter in a lot of places stay hydrated but yeah this will be a loose form vlog where I talk every week about what we want to talk about Punisher rules man that's why I'm like like talking about yeah leave questions and sometimes we'll just answer comments but it was a good subject we'll answer it next week till then get the back of my shirt oh yeah Seth is that good oh yeah they said they'd give us like a thousand bucks for this plug right