25 July 2019

Dogs day -pets🥰🥰

my guys pick up so you're making a video

and I'm doing my doggies please right now I just finished what I'm still mad you know so yeah so my friend face something me I was making one just now my front face send me in it made me stop it you know what I mean so yeah so I'm making my dog food now I'm gonna let's get the other stuff [Applause] [Applause] don't waiting for suffice yeah can you go take the camera and show them the doggies so the dogs are in that cage okay if you wanna see them this is the big dog Suzy these are the two little dogs they're waiting sir that's one of them Livie and the other one is busy this one is younger I mean I mean older than that one oh wait they can't see it because for the grand finale we want to put in there probably gonna be in there just we're just gonna sit it like out no re shorter Irish okay that's your thing this is no wish his boot I mean her food oh and this side I'm gonna gallows lizard bite it off he's not that big yet hungry oh well they must be hungry

let's say she walk through the door it's two eyes through up to feed two of the most greatest pets could be a Suzy really she's a big dog show your face they were just shot Hospital let's go feed them hopefully the lizard does it jump let's go get your feedback James can you cover hold spike for now James come on Spike I got guys right back what pool service wait for me hey guys guys does service add take doctor walks free let's go to animals cage it's already fed mostly so yeah cuz I just sorry okay your area is disgusting what am I looking for hello hello not real to be with an egg shop oh no do you want to say as much there we go Cheers [Music] you just ate you literally just ate but doesn't robot [Music] it's done same food just okay okay guys come on look I'll see see this is a safe commit big guy come on a speech to do well that's the end of todays video we will

miss you just rapture my turn down below hit that like for the bad guys love ya so