03 September 2010

Dogs In Style Live Demo at Cheryls Pet Salon with Joey Villani

Joey Villani does a live demonstration of his Dogs In Style Grooming System at The Grand Opening of Cheryl's Pet Salon in North Haledon NJ.

okay here we are Charles pet salon not

held in New Jersey and have demonstrated our chronic bones in style three step one of the system that is designed to clean your dog refresh and stretch out the grooming process the first thing that we're going to use is a product called refresh now what refresh was going to do this is the this is the meat and potatoes basically of the system you have a straight on your dog and you don't have to spray it on a real heavy but you want to get it on if I spray it on the dog's face like cold the ice I don't want to give vivid eyes whatever this is but if you're doing this at home you probably won't have someone help you hold the dog do you have pressure you have them up on the table just so it's um safe areas like around the feet under the town the areas that are going to get a little bit more messy every want to use a little bit more just working it I only have a purse to use my hands I just want to get this down we working through the coast now they've put too much on it son it's not gonna hurt anything you're just going to be wasting product basically the next step is the power and what a mighty

power once they break everything down a little bit I got to remove it I got to remove what I left behind so it's the same concept is what water would do to our soul it is something to rinse it away so basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the powder that's going to absorb everything and that's going to rinse it away this we're going to brush that blooms from the float down to the towel that's what put a towel under their dog so it doesn't make a mess cleanup is real easy I'll take the power up now springboard I could go a little at the time I just choose to get it on the dog actually that sits on the dog a little bit it's going to absorb it a little bit easier pressure drill it's very important that I work this through completely now brush working in originally with um with fresh water just so you don't have any problems so I'm not gonna just yet because I want you to see the visual difference the likelihood coat is not the powder it's the dirt that actually being removed I'll show you proof of that in a minute so you like the face I'm not putting the powder directly in the face and put it

on the brush doing about this also but we just put a twist on we've reformulated everything to make this spell book making both your sexually no wait look at your hand you have a power game because you worked it through now what happens is commas on the towel whatever he floats down to the towel around the site complete he was an extreme case he was real very I mean the more often you do this including Thomas is actually been I think also he smells you know opposed to this side least though he actually was a little greasy kind of fishy smell they smell good now all the stuff is biodegradable is designed for your pet skin and coat it's not gonna hurt it's been it's been tested clinically well depending on how active he is depending on how active is obviously you can go as long as a few weeks are going to be a couple of days but if it's a couple of days you just read their treatment and put it through every cell you see it basically was a lot of these in equipments in the tub with water again it's not been replaced I want to say this it's not going to replace soap

and water nothing will but it's the closest thing you'll gets have you ever done that just doesn't wanna go to a groomer if you want to save money and you need to stretch out the grooming time maybe you have a dog that just came for the veterinarian that was hurt and be made anywhere where water is a problem is when this will come into place okay and it's simple it's easy in a work suits it works wonders and I'm not saying that because this is a product that I develop is the product that I worked on for years to achieve these goals it works unbelievable strong corners now we haven't tested it on every single order out this so I can't say if it's going to break them all over but everything that we have tested it on its were completely even on your own hands I mean I'm mental working with onions and have gasoline on my hands once I sit down the try the product works great the only space that that that can use our dog is in their mouth because a lot of times the skunk will spray them as they go for it so they get it in their mouth but for the most part even on the face you use it anywhere on the dog but all

sort of really good or the breaking down your arm so if you got that male dog that when you are nades he gets it on this leg to see you spray it on and an elimination completely one two three it's as easy as brushing your dog's easy to put the towel down and then brush the dog that's wrong things