16 March 2017

Dogs park in Bangalore? | pet friendly places in Bengaluru | bangalore youtuber | indian youtuber

Dogs park in Bangalore | pet friendly places in Bengaluru | bangalore youtuber | indian youtuber | bangalore blogger | indian blogger Dogs Park Location Next ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel

so today's video is going to be a vlog videos so I'm in carbon parts today so for those of you who are not from Banglore let me just leave you with this place so carbon parts is skated in the heart of Bangalore City originally started in 1890 or 1870 I believe and it occupies a total area of 300 acres and for more information on carbon parking diseases google it so there is a dog park here in Carbon Park I will give you guys the exact location in the description down below so we usually come here every Sunday with a pet his name is Oscar he is a six year old German Shepherd so we come here so that he gets his entertainment for the week the dog park is open at around I think somewhere around 8 o clock it opens and I think it's slowly somewhere around in the morning so you get to meet new dogs you get to see new breeds and everywhere and everybody just let's lose their dogs over here and they get to interact with each other getting me from the pet owners so you can exchange your knowledge and views and any suggestions that you have you're from Bangalore and you have a dog then you're missing out

on this place you have to come here and you know how much your pet is going to enjoy this place so this place is like a perfect way to spend some good quality time with your pet it's a perfect getaway for your dog every Sunday so I highly recommend you to come here you [Music] you [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] stop [Music] hi [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Applause] [Music]