08 December 2019


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what's up guys and welcome back to

another episode of a super Cooper what are you doing there's no reaction out of you there buddy what's up cool Cooper are you excited did you hear me get the extra breath to make it even louder and Kota just didn't he didn't even react so you know what this is the perfect day for this episode today Chelsea and I are gonna disappear and we're gonna see what would happen and a few different scenarios if that actually did happen if we just snap all of a sudden we were gone how would the boys react let's find out alright so we're gonna start small and work our way up we're gonna start inside the house and basically we're just gonna be playing fetch and then I'm gonna disappear back behind the loveSac alright buddy are you ready here we go get the ball let's go good boy oh he almost caught that before I even got to throw it so I'm just gonna throw it a couple of times normally here go get it go get it you gotta go get the ball what is that my throat a couple times normally and we'll get him in the game because apparently he doesn't know what's going on here get the ball good boy what hey come here you got to bring it back

we're playing fetch it's just a normal game of fetch he knows something's up he saw the cameras out and everything so we're just gonna make it seem like a nice normal game of fetch thank you alright this is the one okay okay okay [Music] you just did he show says he upstairs he got up stairs I can't believe that little she went up stairs he just stopped playing oh he found me I'm pretty sure he saw me when he went up the stairs coop you just ended the game you just went up stairs you just didn't care if I wasn't there you were just just gonna go hang out with chels alright buddy so I don't really know how this is gonna work because you don't really like balls that much this one squeaks do you like it you want to get it go boy kidding you ready get it get it come on let's play fetch no you guys no Kota doesn't really play fetch so this is gonna be a bit tougher to do but I guess we'll see what happens Kota come here come on let's go come on what are you ready no that's not that's not no no Kota or not we're not getting into loveSac we're get off get off my boy you

have the wrong idea about this video are you ready go get it go get it go get it go boy go get it good oh he found me okay you were really good in this one just cuz he he doesn't he doesn't really play fetch so it's not like he had any reason to come back and see us like that wasn't part of the game so I think he was just gonna kind of waltz and stand around and do nothing is your head just that heavy that you can't hold it up you got a rest on the love sack okay so that was a very low-key start to this we're gonna get even better next up we are going to be going outside I'm gonna be disappearing in the backyard and then who knows what they're gonna do you guys know coupe likes to swim Koda likes to drink the water we're gonna see if they behave or what happens there then at the end we're gonna kick it up even farther and we're gonna take them to the park and see what happens if we disappear in the park and see how they react so let's take this out to the backyard look at him down there he's already thinking about being naughty that right there is a naughty face if I've ever seen one so we're about to find out what Cooper would do if he had

no supervision in the backyard with access to the lake and the pool you ready buddy go get it we're just playing fetch we're just playing fetch come on get it get it no not the pool no get the ball good boy bring it here you ready you ready go get it please be a good boy coop please don't get in trouble I really wish that I was upstairs with Chelsea and I could see what's happening unfortunately we're stuck back here just kind of hiding okay he's realized he's gone I came over here and checked Juarez often so sad oh if he jumps in the pool I'm telling you this is sad he just wants to play so much he's right there on the corner of the pool if anything right now he might be able to see the camera but I had my face off to the side so I don't think there's any way he can see me update it's been about like five minutes now I haven't seen or heard him it's a dilemma what's the right choice okay I'm actually really proud of him for that I love that he's trying to make it look like an accident even though nobody's here to see it what a good boy no this time I got too far away he's

gonna fall in Wow I think you may have seen the camera oh man coop he was really trying see that's the thing if you guys have watched the series for a while you've probably seen that trick before but he uses it on us pretty much every day if he wants to go swimming he will take this now sopping wet tennis ball and you guys saw him try to drop it in the pool and then if it goes in the pool that means he's got to go get it right at least that's what his logic is so coop you push the boundary but I'm honestly pretty proud of you good boy good boy good boy come on let's go let's go let's go let's go come on we're running now I'm gonna taste you I'm gonna run run I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you let's go let's go this is the fun as we're running we're running and I'm gonna disappear I think we're on a boat did he go up on the pool deck I'm pretty sure he just went up with the plot [Music] moments later hi buddy hello you thought I'd disappeared you thought we left you out here forever oh my goodness did he do anything interesting what you're looking at is

what he's been doing he barked at the UPS truck yes and just stared inside the house for a real way better than the other naughty one that I think I just saw up in this window yep that one right there way better than you just patiently waited for his turn to come back inside the park is kind of a big deal all right guys so gelsin coupe are behind this big tree over here and she's gonna be walking him by it and then dashing back behind it hopefully he doesn't see her we've got a second camera angle to be able to catch that action but an IR over here in the bushes kotas currently tied to a tree you're a good boy buddy so here we go I guess we'll see what happens this is a big thick bush so I don't think I'll be able to write there it's like he doesn't care but he's not really getting too far oh he's coming back he's coming back he's coming back let's go back go back come here good boy you found us good boy he just kind of took himself for a walk that was odd he was fairly good about it though like it's not like he went running off like there's some people playing basketball over there there's

kids playing in the sand and stuff so he could have gotten in a lot more trouble instead he just wanted to look at this thing hi buddy you can't give us away okay you got to be very quiet Chelsey's got koto over there he is I feel like he notices a little bit more so I'm a little more worried about him seeing us behind this bush but we're just gonna give it a shot and see what happens this is Josh he works here at the park he's the man he just came by to say what's up said to keep up the good work so he's he's a fan cool good boy anyway here we go chels we're gonna go just out for a walk and all of a sudden she disappears did he get her did he see her does he see us I'm confused [Laughter] so loyal he's way more loyal than Cooper is come here good boy come here oh yeah that is a whole lot of fluff coming my way good boy to be honest I feel like both of them actually did a pretty good job Cooper is just losing his mind right now he's just buddy I'm right here okay he was excited to have a little freedom but

he didn't go too far he didn't push the boundaries no no I just bolt off across the field oh yeah I was I was glad that didn't happen so we're gonna head back home I think that's pretty much a wrap we'll see you guys at home [Music] all right boys so we did a really good job and we both behaved at the park I'm proud of you and we made a really fun episode so I'm gonna say that we get little treats here are the candy canes well Kota whoa Kota whoa sit and be nice sit be nice so these are from last week's episode of you guys remember when we did the Instagram take over we're gonna eat them be nice Cooper be nice that was not very nice all right anyway hope you guys enjoy good job girl that was a fun episode thank you guys so much for watching we were gonna see you guys a next week next Sunday on SuperDuper Sunday be sure to subscribe it to the super guru channel where we upload on Wednesdays if you guys haven't already top link down the description and thank you guys so much for watching peace out [Music]