07 August 2019

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs SD George

Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Mass, USA "changes lives 4 feet at a time". Service Dog George is just one example of how lives are changed. He and Bella are ...


pleasant lake new hampshire USA 30 year old belapur in this cooling off as many kids her age might like to do this simple childhood pleasure was an impossible dream for Bella just three years ago she could hardly walk let alone swim the knife changing transformation is all down to this extraordinary dumb boy year old Great Dane George [Music] Bella was born with nokia syndrome a rare and progressive muscle wasting condition which severely limits her mobility at 10 years old she was already finding it difficult to walk the pain in her legs and her hips was getting pretty severe so we figured that by the time she was 12 or 13 she wouldn't really be walking much at all and she would be confined to a wheelchair but since meeting George three years ago venez life has changed dramatically after the service dog project and hip switch Massachusetts the center specializes in breeding and teaching readings to help people living with disability great Dean's are wonderful a lot of people see their size and they get afraid of them and they think oh big

dogs scary but these guys are more afraid of their shadow so no there's definitely gentle giants [Music] Great Danes are one of the tallest breeds in the world standing up to 110 centimeters next develop they seemed enormous these dogs know what to think of bunkers they're just fake they also look very likes nice like gentle sound like oh they're really sweet stay better began to work at the center hope if she might find her perfect companion to help her walk again when I started to volunteer pets over stock it was just fun because I got to spend time with all my my favorite animals of time and it didn't seem like work it just kind of seemed just like hanging out with all my friends and like the animals and everything I'm an animal person so I kind of liked all the dogs but none of them really liked me Stanny it took us a while to find a dog that took to Bella she came here and volunteered and none of the dogs really enjoyed her company which was really sad it's cause of my voice it's like high-pitched so to them it's like really high-pitched when she would walk into their kennel the dogs

would run outside and wanted nothing to do with her and then eventually George was the only one that stayed in his kennel the way better walks and talks may have seemed very different from how these dogs we used to see people the domestic dogs are highly adaptable which enables them to explore and adjust to new things very quickly very sodalite Grenaa and they're like fully after a while we just like kind of just stayed and then I just kind of like watching him out and then he wouldn't let me leave which he'd even block the door I like trying to sit on my lap so I couldn't me George took his big paw laid it right across her legs and was like no you're not going anywhere and once the trainer saw that they were like Oh George is her dog so then we started to take him home they're like we stands and stuff nobody could just like hang out and play and get used to the family for him and then after a while he's just kind of like hey mine so as a mom I was nervous I was like he's huge how's Bella Evert and I control a dog that size because at the time Bella was maybe 40 pounds and he was 130

then I was like well if it was something that was going to make Bella able to walk again we were all for it dogs have been trained to help people with disabilities for 90 years ever since the first guide dog for the blind started work in 1928 now there are tens of thousands of serviced Oaks providing vital support to people with disabilities all over the world we have veterans of PTSD we have Parkinson's MS veterans with TBI basically instead of a cane or a walker they hold on to the dog for balance basically we are training a dog to be a living breathing crutch for these people before George Bella's leg muscles were wasting away but after six months of him her legs were strong enough to hold her weight I was either in a wheelchair or I was on crutches so with my leg muscles got really weak so it was just harder to walk after that but then once I got joy kind of like forced me walk George knew right what Bella needed right when she needed it and if she had to walk slower George would slow down so that they could walk together side by side and if Bella was having a good day

and walking faster he would walk faster he knew what she needed right when she needed it where doctors were shocked at the muscle definition that she got in her posture and just all these little things and just her outlook on life and how she changed mentally because now she has a best friend that gets court room Georgia Bella have created a strong bond based on mutual trust he understands her needs and she relies on him for support it's a beautiful mutually beneficial relationship so when he's working he's always focused on his job but then as soon as you take off it's best he like runs around and he plays a lot but then after like an hour we'll just kind of like go and lay down to sleep everybody thinks that great things are like they give energetic because they're big but honestly their couch potatoes they like run around for like ten minutes and then they just want to go back to bed you definitely have to have a sense of humor to have one of these dogs they're very smart but they're also very lazy which kind of works well with what we do because they help people get from A to B and then they lay down and take a nap until

they're needed again they're dogs they're not robots they're just really great and they love to work Bella hasn't used her crutches for three years George has rescued her from a life of immobility and given her more confidence than she's ever had I am positive that people bump into me when I have joy because if they bump into me I could fall and then I would get hurt and that's not fun he's very protective right even if we're playing host though like always watch me cause he doesn't want anything to happen I just kind of knew that like I would safe no matter what [Music] George gives mana the strength to do activities once considered impossible for a child of her age with Mo Kio syndrome a lot of kids by thirteen with more Kyo are confined to wheelchairs already Bella was told she'll never ride a bike she'll never ride a bike and she was determined to get on a two wheeler and ride a bike George likes to stay right nearby he chases her runs alongside tri said definitely keep up with her wherever she is

[Music] we're told she'll never be able to swim now watching her out there kicking diving doing flips it's amazing I mean just the strength that she has with George now and her ability to just be a kid is awesome she likes to prove everyone wrong and do you think she's told she'll never do he has given her independence she's able to now walk around the house without George she can walk up and down our stairs without a lot of help Clara's three years ago a lot of these things she could not do george is given bella a completely new lease of life and he saved her for much of the pain her condition could have caused her George retrains me to walk I wasn't gonna give up and he knew that so he helped me make sure I wasn't going to thanks to his work with Bella George won the American Kennel Club's Award for canine excellence his strength stature and loving nature have made a huge difference to Bella's life [Music]