18 April 2019

DOGWATCH - Garcia vs Granados sees Granados at +1350

FOX hosts the Premier Boxing Champions this Saturday night as the PBC has a major acrd set for Carson, California. The main event sees former welterweight ...

let's start with the main event go ahead

and talk Garcia granado's there you know with Garcia you can always count that his dad's gonna do the talk in granado's you know he's a guy who doesn't back down so it's definitely been interesting in the build up you're right and you know you mentioned his dad doing the talking for him and you know Garcia is is is got a hike machine behind him if you will but I think he's been groomed and I think he's been groomed by his father and rightfully so 34 and - it's a pretty good record with only 20 Kos you know he's lost to Shawn Porter he lost a Keith Thurman split decision on the Keith Thurman one so that was probably one of the and he's better opponents highly skilled and to go to a split decision on that one Adrien granado's has also lost to Shawn Porter Adrien Broner split decision against Adrien so you know he's but both these guys were up at that certain level where they can compete with these you know world class guys well no names granado's does have six losses by medicine Shawn Porter and Adrien Broner his early losses are really sort of less significant I think he lost his second fight and he lost a few early ones I

think he's really drastically improved since then so I don't really hold some of those six losses against him being that they were early fights and sort of a changed opponent and for that reason because Garcia has been a little sheltered and because granados is fought a lot of pretty decent guys I'm gonna pick Garcia for the decision but I'm gonna dog watch granado's at plus 1350 i think that's a great great chance to turn your 100 into one thousand four hundred and fifty dollars with the win out of plus 1350 so I'm gonna go ahead and pick that dog watch I think granados record at six turns people off turn some of the bookies I'll turn some of the people betting that know that Garcia name so you've got a lot of money coming in on Danny early but at this rate now at that Plus 1350 I think that's worth a hundred bucks can't pass that up we're gonna go with that on our we haven't talked about it in a while but our $10,000 we're up somewhere around 13 or 14 thousand starting out the 10 only making $100 bets at a time over the past six or seven weeks now we've added about three or four so about 40% to our total we're

just going to keep going with that and see see how close we can get to a hundred thousand or bust what we're doing pretty honest so far with some of these outside dog watch picks we don't think they're gonna win but we think they could win dog watch 1350 granados and I agree there I think it's a very interesting fight the bottom line would be is course he was a former world champion and that's to his credit he's an excellent fighter but if you remember back he was about the most confident undefeated fighter out there you know and then you come out and you take a split decision laws to keep them and you could still talk your way around it comes back faces Brandon Rios takes out Rios gets the job done in a fight he's favored and then he faces Porter and once again experiences a loss so now he's one and two in his last three fights and you think back you know at the beginning of 2017 when they entered that one there's no way they'd think they'd be one and two in their next fights they were that confident so how does that affect him coming into this fight will we see a little bit of a different Garcia will he be more

aggressive we'll even more worried granado's calling him out I think we're now since I'm just exactly the factors that I've pointed out there as he's good reasons for it Garcia vulnerable because when you're that confident and the wheels fall off you're gonna come in and you're gonna have some questions maybe carrying your own baggage and then when you have a boisterous father like that who hasn't really changed much of the rhetoric you wonder what kind of nurturing and healing he's actually getting behind the scenes in order to bring him you know in the best shape possible for another fight because if they still think they're the best in this weight class now with a 1 and 2 record in the last couple of fights they're getting into delusional territory